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Jarvis Walker Desire Combo

Ladies, don’t let the guys have all the fun, catch your own fish in style with the new Jarvis Walker Desire combo, made just for the girls!

The attractive new plum-coloured Desire rod is 6’6” (2m) and rated at 3-5kg, making it perfect for fishing estuaries, jetties, bays and inshore in saltwater; and it’s just as well-suited to freshwater rivers, creeks and impoundments. The rod blank is lightweight yet robust, with solid-tip construction, and the grips are thinner-shaped EVA for smaller-hand comfort. The Desire rod is a two-piece format, for easy storage
and transport.

The matching Desire reel is just as good-looking, with a plum-coloured graphite body and graphite silver spool. It holds 240yd of 6lb line, has a 5.2:1 gear ratio, alloy folding handle and uses a reliable three-ball-bearing drive. And it’s already filled with line, ready to fish!

The Desire is a refreshing take on women’s tackle, avoiding the ghastly pinks, and it offers a good level of quality, so you know it can handle a solid fish when you hook-up. The Desire rod and reel combo will suit mums wanting to join the fun when taking kids fishing, daughters fishing with dads, partners of fishermen wanting a comfortable rod of their own with which to out-fish their guy, or girls who just wanna have fun!

Jarvis Walker Desire rod and reel combos are available exclusively at Kmart stores.


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