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Catch great live baits such as slimy mackerel, yakka and mullet the smart and easy way with a dedicated rod for fishing sabiki rigs. The new Jarvis Walker Sabiki Spin rod is specially designed to allow sabiki rigs to be wound up so the hooks slide neatly inside the hollow rod, with just the snap swivel and sinker protruding from the specialised open-tip fitting. This design allows you to leave your sabiki rigs tied on and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, with the hooks protected so they don’t tangle and catch on everything within reach. Each of your sabiki rigs will last longer, saving you money, and this easy set-up will avoid wasting time with rigging and de-rigging at each morning’s bait gathering session—instead you’ll be ready to drop as soon as baitfish appear on your sounder!

This new 7’6” Sabiki Spin model’s reel seat and stripper configuration has been set up specifically for use with spin reels, which is different to the popular original Jarvis Walker Sabiki Baitchaser rod—which is also still available, but its universal reel seat set-up tends to be used more with overhead reels. You will get heaps of change out of a greenback when you buy  one of these Sabiki rods.


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