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New to Australia, Jensen Marine’s MSR7007 is an AM/FM/CD stereo unit with waterproof protection suitable for heavy sea conditions (IPX5).Most marine electronics corrode from the inside out, destroyed by the ambient moisture content in the air that enters the chassis or DINS through ‘cooling holes’. Jensen Marine’s sealed chassis prevents moisture ingress completely, with heat extracted via a heat sink.If you want to avoid cluttering up your boat with CDs, the unit is MP3/WMA and iPod compatible. Once an iPod is connected via the rear built-in pigtail, full control of its functions is transferred to the MSR7007 buttons, and the iPod can be safely stored out of harm’s way. For added convenience, an auxiliary connection via the front of the unit can also be purchased separately. The MSR7007 is suitable for Radio Broadcast Data System usage, can receive the NOAA Weatherband, and is even ready for SIRIUS satellite radio (although SIRIUS is currently not available to Australian audiences). Installation is easy with the MSR7007’s single-DIN chassis, and the rear aux-in, pre-amp output enables the attachment of external speakers for bigger sound. The unit is equipped with 40-second electronic CD skip protection, zero-current memory draw and low battery (voltage) warning. The MSR7007 is the ideal all-round audio system for people with places to be, in a superbly functional and elegant package. With Jensen Marine, electricity and water still won’t mix – but they will happily coexist.


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