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It’s inevitable that you will eventually get spiked and occasionally cut when handling fish. Fins, gills and gill covers can be dangerous, so about a decade ago Lindy came out with a fish-handling glove that took advantage of developments in the medical field to protect medical staff from accidental needle spikes. The super fabric it developed has been adapted for use by Lindy into a very handy glove that you will want to have with you in the boat while fishing and again back on shore when you are filleting your catch.

Use Lindy Fish Handling Glove when unhooking, filleting and removing fish from live wells. It’s chemical resistant, repelling fuel and oil and works great in both fresh and saltwater. Fish slime and odours easily rinse away. This Fish Handling Glove allows more efficient handling of fish for quicker release, making it a conservation aid as well as a safety tool.

Three sizes are available: Small – Medium/ Large – X Large / XX large, in both left and right hand.


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