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This all-new fishing tackle Jumbo Travel Bag from Just Fishin is nearly a metre long, comes with three large zippered and extended pockets along the front, each one itself carrying smaller, zippered compartments. At one end is another large compartment, and there are two more on top. All these compartments are great for carrying tackle items, spare line spools, lures in small cases or packets, although your reels are best kept inside the main luggage area.

The whole base of this impressive travel bag is another zippered compartment containing three lightweight but strong PVC tubes for carrying your travel rods — two in each tube.

There’s a tonne of space inside the bag for your clothes, with a full height/width divider that is velcrosed on so can be removed. Also, you can access and expose the base section via internal zippers. It means you can pull out the PVC tubes (or just one or two of them) and utilise the extra space for clothing etc.

This terrific Jumbo Travel Bag also has roller wheels at one end and can be pulled around effortlessly. It will retail for around $160.


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