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The Needlenose was developed by Lance Butler. The timber prototypes accounted for many trophy fish during the development phase and the production model has consistently outperformed the original. Lance wanted a lure that was sturdy in construction and incorporated some cutting edge features not found in other hard-body lures.

The Needlenose features through-wire tow point and hook hangers for superior strength, interchangeable rattle chambers, termed Dynamic Interchange System (DIS), that provides either: a loud rattle, single ball rattle or silent action. The specially-designed bib gives the lure a crash-diving ability, when casting to structure (especially the 20-plus model) and the design also incorporates the H2O Hydrokeel which gives the lure added stability when trolling or retrieving.

The lure is drawn from the nose which extends over the bib, hence the Needlenose name. This gives increased strength and creates a tight action which is maintained at all speeds. The body shape and weighting ensures bullet-like casting ability. The Needlenose has a length of 160mm and comes in two dive depths: a plus 10 weighing 38g and a plus 20 at 39g which dive to a minimum of 10 and 20 feet respectively. They are available in 10 great fish-catching colours.


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