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KOOLABUNG BONY Koolabung Bonys are luring freshwater and estuarine species right across Australia, including barra, bass, bream, Murray cod, yellowbelly and mangrove jack. They are designed on the major principle of lure fishing — matching the hatch. The staple diet of most predator sportfish throughout the rivers, billabongs and impoundments of Northern Australia and the Murray-Darling basin is Nematalosa erebi, the native Australian bony bream. Eddie Studman designed Koolabung Bony Bream lures to imitate this major food source and successfully matched the hatch. Koolabung Bonys swim slow and deep, have excellent snag resistance, bump over snags and easily unsnag. Slower-swimming Koolabung Bonys allow anglers to feel snags coming and drop back or free spool to bounce over snags. If the lure does snag, it is mostly bib-caught and comes free with light backpressure. These superb wooden bibbed floating lures are handcrafted in Australia for Australian species and Australian conditions. Each is hand shaped, individually tank tested and tuned, and assembled with highest quality towing clips for a strong reliable lure. They come in several sizes, depths and colours. SEBEK CROCODILE LEATHER BELTS Saltwater crocodile leather is well known as the finest crocodilian leather in the world. Sebek crocodile leather products are made in Australia by Sebek Australia. Sebek's director and designer, Hendrik Schoor, has been crafting the finest saltwater crocodile belts and supplying exclusive boutiques throughout Australia for over 15 years. Sebek hornback belts are created from Australian salt water crocodile skins. The hornback ridge is removed from each skin to produce a uniquely individual hand crafted belt with its very own markings. Sebek belly belts are created from the smooth belly leather of the crocodile. Hendrik has also added a unique larger size wallet to complement his belts. Hendrik says... ”When you take out a Sebek wallet, you feel like a millionaire. When others see you take out this wallet, they think you’re a millionaire.” HELL FISH — FISH WITH ATTITUDE Hell Fish T-Shirts not only capture the species itself, but the fighting characters of our favourite fish. Game on! Hell Fish designs are a unique fusion of the artistic and silk-screening ability of Australian fish character artist, Steve Hughes, printed on T-shirt colours you want to wear. Hell Fish T-Shirts are great for fish lovers, anglers and the whole family — mum, dad and the kids. They also make great Christmas, birthday and Father's Day presents. Enquiries: Strikeback Tackle (08) 9755 5461. Web: MONTY STUBBY HOLDERS Why use half a stubby cooler? The Monty, Full Monty and Full Monty Sipper will keep your drinks colder for longer, and protect you from insects or debris getting into your can. The Monty range is combined with quality colour cartoons from NAFA’s Bret Currie, Australia’s premier fishing cartoonist.


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