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Lifestraw - Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw has been in use by humanitarian aid and militaries throughout the world and only now is available for use by the public. Imagine using the freshwater on hand whenever you go bush, or even if there is a flood! The LifeStraw filters out the germs, parasites and dirt down to .2 micron so is perfect for anyone who works or plays in the great Aussie outdoors or for anyone who travels overseas where the water is suspect. That’s right – with LifeStraw you can even drink the water in Bali and not spend a few days with the Bali two-step.

Retailing at $30, LifeStraws last in storage indefinitely and are good for 1000L of drinking water. Does not filter out salt, minerals or chemical pollutants so don’t try and drink fresh water from the sea! Best of all, whenever you purchase a LifeStraw, you help supply LifeStraws to some of the over 1 billion worldwide who don’t have safe drinking water, resulting in about 6000, mostly kids, dying every day.

This personal water filter is reputedly so good that you can squat in a puddle and drink it – even when sober!


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