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Livefibre Rods & Surecatch Lures


The new Live Fibre Sportfishing Series Blade ‘N’ Tails rods have been designed for use with today’s ultra engineered small to medium sized Threadline reels. This range of rods features Carbon scrimmed blanks, individual cork grips that balance out each model, full FUJI Alconite or Silicon guides. Available in six models from an Ultra light Bream stick through to a 15kg Brute Stick that would give any impoundment Barra a nudge. All six models have been designed to cast and twitch lures all day long. They have been built and designed in Australia with one goal in mind and that is to make the perfect rod to make the perfect cast to catch the perfect fish and that is what finesse is all about. So check out the new Live Fibre Sportfishing Series at your nearest Wilson dealer.


The Live Fibre Territory Barra range of bait casting rods were designed from the ground up in the Northern Territory to suit the tough conditions and even tougher fighting fish species that are available all year round. Built on modern hi-tech carbon blanks with unique tapers, these rods will not let you down even when that big barra is beside the boat and needs a little bit more hurt to get it into the net. Available in a single hand butt format for casting or a one and a half hand butt format for trolling form 4 kg through to 10 kg in either standard or deluxe series, these rods have been built and designed in Australia, by Australian fishermen, for testing Australian conditions. Check them out at your local tackle store.


• 100% Dyneema • Zero Stretch • High Abrasion Resistance • Ultra Sensitive • Excellent Knot Strength • Available in 2 Colours: Fluoro Yellow & Gunsmoke • Available in 125yds & 300yds Spools • Available in 4 lb to 80 lb breaking strains • Also available in 3000 yd spools

Live Fibre TX Braid is SureCatch’s finest braided line to date. TX Braid is made up of 100% Dyneema giving it zero stretch which results in its ultra sensitive feel. Live Fibre TX braid has a fairly soft feel making it excellent for casting. The process of double coating TX Braid has resulted in High Abrasion resistance as well as superior knot strength. It is available in 2 colours; Fluoro Yellow & Gunsmoke. Available in 4 lb to 80 lb breaking strains, in either 150 or 300 yard spools. For a quality braid at a competitive price, check out your nearest Wilson stockist for Live Fibre TX Braid.


• Co-Polymer • Japanese Technology • Super Soft • High Abrasion Resistance • Superior Knot Strength • Available in 100m lengths, in 30 lb to 200 lb breaking strain.

It is often difficult to get a high quality leader that has a soft feel while maintaining a high abrasion resistance as well as integrity of the knot. SureCatch have certainly managed this with their new offering of Softmax. This Japanese made co-polymer has been tested in Australia in trying condition,s from barra in the Top End to kingfish and snapper on the coast, and Softmax has always out-performed the other co-polymer leaders. For a well priced quality leader try SOFTMAX.


SureCatch had added a mini sized Frog to its successful FROGGY Series. At 5.5 cm long, and with a new slim line shape the action changes quite significantly. The single hook set up helps to keep a more direct feel between the angler and the fish, reducing the risk of the hooks being thrown. The plastic legs and metal spinner complete this lure, with lifelike action and a bubble trail. The weedless setup makes it perfect for chasing barra and saratoga in the lilies or off grassy banks.

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