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Lowrance expands marine radio line-up Lowrance has announced an all-new line of marine VHF radios which will soon be available in Australia.

The fixed-mount LVR-880 and LVR-250, and the handheld LHR-22 and LHR-20, are innovative and functional solutions for consumers seeking exceptional performance at an affordable price point.

Lowrance’s new LVR-880 is the first powerful, fixed-mount, DSC-equipped 25/1 watt radio to offer dual VHF and FM radio capabilities. The VHF also integrates NMEA 2000 with DSC-101 for distress and buddy-tracking features when connected to a compatible Lowrance GPS chartplotter. The exclusive ‘Track Your Buddy’ feature connects DSC position polling to Lowrance LCX, LMS and GlobalMap™ units via the NMEA 2000 network, for GPS location display of up to three boating friends.

The LVR-880 also includes intercom/hailer-horn, an extra-large 64x128 FSTN segmented display with backlighting and a six-key speaker microphone for left-handed or right-handed use. Featuring all international marine channels and 10 marine weather channels with channel naming, the unit is also JIS 7 waterproof/submersible.

The new LVR-250 DSC25/1 watt, fixed-mount VHF radio with DSC provides high quality features without a high price. Also delivering all international marine channels, the LVR-250 features DSC-101 connectivity for distress calling, local/distant feature to eliminate unwanted interference, 6-key speaker microphone for left-handed or right-handed use and 10 weather channels with 1050hz alert tone detect.

Lowrance’s marine VHF line-up also includes innovation for the handheld market segment, with the new LHR-20 and LHR-22 with 5/1 watt transmit power. Both include advanced Li-Ion battery pack/charger technology for best-in-class battery life, while the LHR-22 sports the newest RealTree® pattern, Advantage Max-4 HD®.

Also built tough to exacting JIS 7 waterproof/submersible standards, both offer extra features like bright LED TX indicator, power saver circuitry, larger LCD display for user visibility, RSSI to meter strength of incoming/outgoing signals and Weather Alert. All of Lowrance’s new VHF marine radios come with a full two-year warranty. Lowrance’s new sonar optimiser technology Lowrance has raised the bar in fish-finding technology with its next-generation sonar ‘optimiser’.Based on the high-speed Lowrance Ethernet network, the new Broadband Sounder-1 delivers peerless echo clarity and the highest underwater definition ever achieved — in both freshwater and saltwater, from shallow water through to extreme sea depths.The module automatically produces digitally purified marking and separation of fish, structure, thermoclines and bottom, with remarkable elimination of surface and turbulent water clutter to mark targets.

Featuring an advanced plug-and-play Ethernet module, the Broadband Sounder-1 combines superior Lowrance software-driven technology and high-speed signal processing.

The module is compatible with all Lowrance 2007 models with 12.7cm and larger colour displays, along with the five-pin yellow Ethernet connector. That includes all LCX and LMS models, as well as displaying sonar graphs on GlobalMap® chartplotters networked with a sonar-enabled head unit. The Broadband Sounder-1 also works with all compatible Lowrance transducers – Skimmer®, pod, shoot-or bolt-thru hull – and accommodates all transducer-frequency ranges: 50kHz, 83kHz and 200kHz. The enhanced digital module also features a nominal output power of 250-watts peak-to-peak (31 watts RMS), with an analogue output power equivalent of 30,000 watts peak-to-peak (3750 watts RMS).

The Broadband Sounder-1 offers direct connectivity between a transducer and a single sonar-equipped Lowrance head unit, as well as connectivity between a transducer and multiple Lowrance head units using the new, optional Navico Expansion Port-1.

The plug-and-play Navico Expansion Port-1 network switch allows optimised sonar sharing for up to four compatible Lowrance display devices on the Lowrance Ethernet network, including 2007 GlobalMap chartplotters, when employed with the Broadband Sounder-1. It also allows linkage to other Expansion Port-1 modules for future onboard network expansion. Both the Broadband Sounder-1 and Navico Expansion Port-1 feature ports that resist corrosive marine environments and come with a full two-year warranty. Further information: Navico Australia – (02) 9879 9000 or visit:


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