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LUCKY CRAFT POINTER 78DD 5/8oz, 78mm, Suspending When Lucky Craft introduced the Pointer series rip-baits, they set the standard that all others are measured. Now with the introduction of the 78DD, Lucky Craft has expanded the Pointer's fish catching range. The Pointer 78DD is designed to suspend 7-8 feet deep, bringing the Pointer's legendary fish catching action down to greater depths. Special internal brass weights create a low center of gravity that causes the Pointer to wobble and vibrate when the retrieve is stopped. Not only does the Pointer have an incredible suspending action but the retrieve action is something not found in other rip-baits. When ripped or twitched, the pointer has a "walk the dog" underwater action that is unique to this bait. Try one and you will see why pros have been catching and winning with this lure since its inception. G-SPLASH 80 80mm, 3/8oz, Floating When Lucky Craft designed the G-Splash they made sure it would live up to its name. Thousands of casts during field testing has led to a design that lives up to the expectations and demands of professionals. The G-Splash has an extra large cup design that produces a large fish calling splash when twitched or jerked. The body shape is a great baitfish imitator and the feathered tail hook creates a natural action during the retrieve. The G-Splash 80 will pop and gurgle loudly and throw a big attracting sheet of water in front of the bait every time it is twitched and jerked. As with all Lucky Craft Lures, the incredible finishes will fool even the most discerning fish.


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