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Now Available In Australia

With the recent release of a selected range of Megabass lures onto the Australian market, Aussie anglers now have access to these premium-quality fish catchers.

They’re already making quite an impact on the local bass fishing scene, with a string of notable captures to their credit. Well known fishing identity Tim Morgan caught the biggest bass at the 2006 Australian Bass Grand Final on a Pop X — at over 2 kg, it helped him to go on and win the Grand Final, making him the first to win both the Bream and Bass competitions. The lure he used was a Pop X in Crack Lime Chartreuse colour.

Vibration - X Ultra

The Vibration - X Ultra is a lipless crankbait with a difference. Traditionally, lures of this style have used a flat forehead, acting like a bib, to create action as the lure is retrieved through the water. The Vibration – X has a lifelike action based on the balance of the lure instead. This means that it will present realistically, and attract strikes, no matter how slowly it is worked.

Try slow-rolling this lure just above weedbeds, or down the face of snags, and hang on! The rattling model has a triple sound mixing system, creating an underwater sonic signature that is irresistible to predators. There is also a silent model, for those times that the fish respond better to a more subtle presentation.

Pop X

The tournament-winning Pop X is a popper that makes all the right moves. It is equipped with the Megabass Side-Stepping Balancer, giving it a unique rolling ‘dog-walk’ action. Another innovation is the Water Ducts — these imitate the bubbly water coming out of a fish’s gills, and create a natural ‘bio-sound’, as distinct from a more traditional popping sound. Pop X also spits water rather than simply splashing. All this adds up to a surface lure that bass and bream can’t resist — no wonder the Pop X dominates the the high-end top-water lure markets of both Japan and the United States. With a length of 64 mm, it also has many applications for other species in the tropical north.

Live - X Smolt

This minnow style suspender dives to 1.2 metres, and comes with the Megabass Multiway Moving Balancer System. Put simply, this means that your lure can sit in the strike zone for longer, and attract more strikes through a super-realistic presentation.

Don’t be fooled by the delicate appearance either — the Live - X Smolt has accounted for trophy bass as large as 8 lb in the US, and the hardware on these little beauties is extremely tough. The Live - X Smolt will catch fish anywhere that big fish eat little fish, from the freshwater to the salt.

MR - X Griffon

This chubby little crankbait combines deadly-accurate castability with a larger than life wobble that screams ‘eat me’ to fish. It’s just the thing for impoundment and freshwater fishing. The protruding bib and acrobatic action also mean that this lure is virtually snag-free, and can be worked through surprisingly heavy cover with confidence.

Baby Griffon

The Baby Griffon is the new member of the popular Griffon Series. As the name indicates, this is a baby-size Griffon (38 mm) for finesse applications. The challenge for the Megabass R&D team was how to pack what makes the Griffon so successful into this tiny body. The answer was to use the already familiar Water Duct Mechanism in order to make this baby swim at the same depth all the way back, and extensive testing to replicate the action. Since this is a Griffon, it casts like a rock with minimal wind resistance, and that enticing Griffon shimmy looks as good as it’s bigger brother, the MR - X Griffon.

Trade enquiries: Frogleys Offshore 02 6681 3988


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