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Since their introduction to the Australian market, Megabass lures have been making a splash all over the country. The Vibration-X is a versatile and effective lipless model, which utilises a clever design to extract maximum action at all speeds. Rather that the flat forehead acting as a bib, which is the case with traditional lipless crankbaits, the Vibration-X uses a unique balancing system to generate a lifelike, fish-attracting action. This means that the lure will work at all speeds and with different retrieve styles, from the slowest of slow rolls down deep to the quickest fast burn. The new Vibration-X Smatra is the newest addition to the range, a slightly smaller version which retains all the design advantages and pure fish-appeal of the larger original model, but with a smaller profile for finesse applications or when fish are feeding on smaller prey. With the new Smatra it’s even easier to match the hatch. Check out the new Vibration-X Smatra, and the rest of the Megabass range, at your local quality tackle store. The level of finish and craftsmanship on the whole range is unbelievable, and the results when used on Aussie fish speak for themselves.


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