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Mustad has released a new purpose-built whiting rig. The Mustad Bloodworm 2-hook Whiting Rig is a pre-made bait fishing rig with two hooks on droppers and a sinker trace. Its design is based on popular and proven rigging methods.

The rig uses two Mustad Bloodworm Ultra Point chemically sharpened long shank hooks. Attractors, in the form of fluoro pink tubing and beads, are placed on the droppers above the hooks. A snap swivel is provided on the sinker trace.

This is a tried-and-proven rig in the southern states and it will be successful anywhere whiting (King George, sand and yellowfin) are found. The rigs come packed on a special foam winder which can be re-used for storage. Whiting anglers can rig up by simply peeling one of these Mustad rigs off the foam winder and clipping their sinker of choice onto the snap.

The Mustad Bloodworm 2-hook whiting rig comes in packs of two rigs in hook sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. It is built on 15lb (7kg) nylon monofilament.


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