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Mustad has released a new tandem hook bait fishing rig, modelled around its formidable Penetrator hook.

The  Mustad Penetrator Snapper Rig uses two opposed chemically sharpened Ultra Point Penetrator hooks snelled to a monofilament trace. This rig facilitates the rigging of  big baits such as long strip baits, whole fish and whole squid; baits that are often difficult to rig satisfactorily on a single, large hook.It is a similar system to the Mustad Big Red Snapper Rig, but the lighter gauge of the Penetrator hooks and lighter trace line makes it a great rig for light tackle snapper fishing. It is also suitable for many other species, from  mulloway down to bream and trevally.

The fine gauge of the Mustad Penetrator belies its real strength, because it penetrates easily right down to the bend. And when the load is concentrated at the base of the hook bend, the stress on the hook is minimised. That’s what Mustad calls the Penetrator Principle. It means you can fish a large size hook on light line and still drive it home. Mustad Penetrator Snapper Rigs come in a hook size range from 9/0 down to 4/0.

The rigs are tied on top quality Mustad Ultra Line monofilament in clear colour.  They are expertly assembled by hand in Mustad’s own terminal tackle factory.

Illustrated rigging instructions are included on the pack. Hook/line size combinations are: 9/0 / 70lb    8/0 / 50lb    7/0 / 50lb     6/0 / 40lb    5/0 / 40lb    4/0 / 30lb


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