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myCOOLMAN portable fridge/freezers have made a dramatic impact on the caravan, camping, boating and 4WD markets.

Within the myCOOLMAN range there is something for everyone, from ‘The Transporter Model’ (30L) all the way through to ‘The Fisherman’ (105L).

Whether you are catering for the casual weekend away with family or friends, a big weekend on the water, or a caravanner tackling our wide-open roads, there is a myCOOLMAN to suit you!

To make your life easier, myCOOLMAN has recessed handles into the body of the fridge. This means you get that little bit more precious packing space when playing car-boot Tetris on your next trip.

It also means you will never damage or break them because they are not sticking out and exposed. Because they are mounted at the very top, you can lift the fridge with your legs and not be completely bent over trying to reach the handles in the middle, hurting your back in the process.

Bluetooth? Yes, this fridge can be fully controlled from the palm of your hand using the super-easy myCOOLMAN app. Change the temperature and monitor the battery, all without relying on a Wi-Fi signal.

There are just so many inclusions to the units: multifunctional lids that change direction without the need for tools, divided multilevel storage, Bluetooth connectivity, battery protection, patented compressor, digital display, upright storage space, DC power at both ends, recessed handles, built in bottle openers (no trying to open your beer with a teaspoon any more), and an internal light are just some of the many features of the myCOOLMAN range.


The myCOOLMAN PowerPack allows you to truly go off the grid and remote. It is portable and works with any of myCOOLMAN CCP range of fridge-freezers. It mounts magnetically to the casing of the fridge and gives users a good power supply (depending on size of fridge and external factors). It’s a great fit for the 44L The Weekender.

The myCOOLMAN Power Pack is a true portable and lightweight power solution in a sleek slimline body that seamlessly attaches to the side of your myCOOLMAN fridge magnetically.

“We are so excited to be able to bring this new, innovative and revolutionary portable power solution to the market for our myCOOLMAN range of Compressor fridges/freezers,” said myCOOLMAN CEO, Paul Widdis.

“Giving our customers the freedom to power their adventure’s further with a convenient and lightweight solution has been a success.”

The myCOOLMAN Power Pack is Lithium Ion based, allowing it to be recharged more times than other type of batteries. A blue LED display allows the user to easily identify the remaining battery capacity.

The Power Pack is the perfect accessory to take your myCOOLMAN fridge/freezer out for a BBQ and some backyard cricket, fishing with mates, or camping off the beaten track.

One thing is for sure: myCOOLMAN is powering your next adventure.

Check out the myCOOLMAN Facebook and Instagram pages.

I’ve being using the myCOOLMAN PowerPack with my 36L fridge/freezer and I rate it as an incredible accessory. MyCoolman has jumped the pack by being the first portable fridge to introduce a magnetic PowerPack.

Depending on heat conditions, the Lithium battery powers the 36L fridge/freezer for up to 18 hours.

In Turbo mode, it came down from 27 degrees to the 3 degrees setting we selected in 10 minutes... amazing!

For two years running, I’ve used it on extended fishing trips, including 9 days down the Daly River fishing the Barra Nationals. Normally I would plug the myCOOLMAN fridge into the boat’s battery system during a full day on the water. It would normally be powered by the same batteries that start the engine and run all the other accessories except the electric outboard which has its own independent heavy-duty batteries up the front of the boat. Some days the engine is off for hours while we fish under electric power, so you can imagine a portable fridge would impact on the engine batteries big time if they are not being charged by the big Honda engine. By using the PowerPack, that problem has been completely eliminated, and we just charge it up overnight ready for the next day on the water. How good is that?

As I said, it’s a very useful accessory.


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