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ARB 4x4 Accessories is proud to announce the release of a new Sahara bar for both the Holden Colorado and latest model Ford Ranger. Stylish and practical, these bars provide an alternative to the traditional deluxe bull bar while still maintaining a superior level of protection. Manufactured from durable steel, ARB’s Sahara bars incorporate a multi-fold upswept wing design which helps to optimise approach angles when traversing rugged terrain. A split pan further increases overall strength while ensuring maximum airflow to the engine. Both bars employ a vehicle specific mounting system ensuring that air bag functionality is not adversely affected. Each bar is able to accommodate a range of Warn winches while twin Hi-Lift jacking points and tow points feature in the centre pan. As well, two CB aerial bracket mounts can be found in the top surface of the wings and each bar comes standard with injection moulded inserts to protect lights from loose stones and sticks.

Enquiries: (03) 9761 6622


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