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Ready-to-use Redington fly fish starters kits and new flagship range of fly rods from Sage.

By Peter Morse Redington Pursuit Fly Tackle Kits This is a quality set-up for both beginners as a starting kit but also for experienced fly fishers as a back-up for many situations. There are three of these kits in the range currently being imported into Australia by JM Gillies. All of them are 4 piece rods: 4, 6 and 8 weight. The 4 weight is a very sweet little 8 footer and the 6 and 8 weight are 9 foot rods.

Redington has a great reputation for fine tackle at a very reasonable price and these kits are no exception. The cork in the grips is superb and the reel seats are all anodised aluminium so they can be used in saltwater. Each section has alignment dots, something even the most expensive rods rarely have. The rods are fast-actioned, and with the kit you also get a cordura-covered rod tube with a built-on reel case.

The reels have been spooled up with the backing and the fly line (a Rio mainstream line) connected up and there’s a tapered leader on the front with a tippet attached, so the kit is 99% READY TO FISH. All you need to get amongst them is an appropriate selection from the Wildfish fly range. RRP is between $250 and $300 depending upon the model.

Sage ONE Series Rods The very popular ZAxis series (which replaced the equally-popular XP series) has been the flagship of the Sage rod company for the last 6 years. It’s a big deal for Sage to replace this line of rods as they represent the cutting edge of Sage’s extensive R&D division, which is holed up in a building known as Skunk Werks. It’s in here that the engineers and resin experts employed by Sage, along with rod designer Jerry Siem, work through the very latest in carbon fibre and resin technology and research how it can be applied to the next generation of fly rods. Once settled and perfected, this technology is then applied over subsequent generations of rods in different ways to produce variously different rods in their range.

So when the new flagship is launched, it’s a big deal and it’s closely scrutinised by fly fishers worldwide. Since its release, the ONE series has won the European new fly rod of the year award and the same award in the US. That’s a good start.

These rods have been made with what is known as Konnectic Technology — this aims to reduce even further the amount of resin between the carbon fibers. It’s the resin that binds everything together but it’s also the resin that adds weight. These rods are incredibly light in the hand; for example, rods in the 5 and 6 weight range have had half an ounce shaved off them, and that is considerable; the 5 weight is a remarkable 2¾oz. When you cast them, the impression you get is it feels like you really are casting just the line; it’s as though the rod isn’t there.

The finish on these rods is jet black; they are really sexy looking, but what impresses most is their lateral stability and this adds considerably to accuracy.

All round, these rods are an absolute joy to fish with. You can see the full range on the Sage web site at or check them out at your nearest Sage dealer.


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