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Lowrance ® has expanded its Lowrance Ghost ® freshwater trolling motor design with the new Ghost 52 and 60. The new Ghost 52 and 60 models – with 52- and 60-inch shafts, respectively – bring all the benefits and features of the original Ghost trolling freshwater motor to boats with higher bows. Now there is a Lowrance trolling motor to fit the needs of all anglers and boats.

Above The Ghost trolling motor freshwater family

Brushless Motor

Ghost’s brushless motor generates thrust that is 25 per cent greater than current competitors and delivers 45 per cent longer run times on the same charge – equivalent to nearly one additional day of operation. The combination of precision manufacturing, rare-earth materials, and a cutting-edge weedless propeller design provides high-output thrust with long-running efficiency.

Zero Sonar Interference

Ghost’s brushless motor helps eliminate noisy operation and, unlike common brush motors, has no brushes to wear out, ensuring greater reliability and longer life. The brushless motor emits no electromagnetic interference – giving anglers the clearest sonar views possible with zero onscreen interference.


Users can steer, adjust speed, setup route navigation or anchor at a current location with touchscreen control from a Lowrance display using the SmartSteer™ interface. Ghost pairs easily with HDSâ LIVE, HDSâ Carbon and EliteTM -Ti2 displays via a simple NMEA 2000â connection.

Plug-and-Play Lowrance Sonar

Ghost offers two integrated sonar nose cone options, including HDI (CHIRP and DownScan Imaging™) and optional Active ImagingTM 3-in-1 (CHIRP Sonar, SideScan and DownScan Imaging) transducers. All motors ship standard with an HDI transducer, but can be upgraded with a different nose cone at any time.

Fly-By-Wire Steering

Instant and smooth fly-by-wire steering control gives Ghost the feel of a cable-steer motor, but without the mechanical cables that can wear out over time. Regardless of the brand of trolling motor used before, anglers will quickly get comfortable with the innovative Ghost foot pedal, which is completely user-configurable. The pedal can be customised to suit any preference with programmable shortcut buttons and a Flip Switch that can be moved to allow the trolling motor to be engaged from either side of the pedal. The mode buttons have LED lights and an indicator beep to provide feedback when a mode is engaged. The foot control also features a battery-level indicator. In addition, the Ghost 60 includes a standard remote for easy control anywhere on the vessel.

Rugged Construction

The 360-degree breakaway mount is designed to take the brunt of any impacts and will automatically realign itself once clear of impacted structure. A composite shaft, with lifetime warranty, assists in withstanding impacts; and an integrated stabiliser bar reduces bouncing when on plane in rough water. The foot pedal cable is secured to the mount with robust clips, preventing it from moving around on the deck, damaging rods and reels and blocking the view of Lowrance fishfinders installed nearby.

Installation Versatility

The motor weighs 2.7kg less than brushed-motor equivalents, making it easier to install, deploy and stow. Ghost is designed to work in either 24- or 36-volt systems with up to 97- and 120-pounds of thrust respectively, and allows for future battery and charger upgrades.

RRP: Ghost 52 and 60 models AUD $5,219 and $5,939 respectively.

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