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The myCOOLMAN PowerPack truly brings you adventure unplugged. No longer do you need to be tethered to a vehicle, boat or a heavy/cumbersome power source.

The PowerPack is the perfect accessory to take your myCOOLMAN fridge/freezer out for a BBQ and some backyard cricket, fishing with mates, or camping off the beaten track.

“Giving our customers the freedom to power their adventures further with a convenient and lightweight solution has been an idea we have been working towards for some time; it has been an absolute privilege to work alongside our R&D team to finally see it come to fruition,” said myCOOLMAN General Manager Paul Widdis.

The myCOOLMAN PowerPack is Lithium Ion based, allowing it to be recharged more times than other types of batteries. A blue LED display allows the user to clearly and easily identify the remaining battery capacity.

Key Features:

• Magnetically mounted using magnetic mounting pads.

• Fully charged in 6 hours.

• 12v/15Ah lithium battery

• LED display

• Up to 18 hours run time

• Portable

• Rated to IP66*

• Weighs 1.65kg

* IP66 means the unit is totally dust tight. It has full protection against dust and other particulates, including a vacuum seal, tested against continuous airflow. It is also protected against direct high-pressure jets; however, the instructions advise it is better not to wet or spray the unit.

Alex Julius Comment:

I’ve being using the myCOOLMAN PowerPack with my 60L fridge/freezer and it is a wonderful accessory. MyCoolman has jumped the pack by being the first portable fridge to introduce a magnetic PowerPack.

The Lithium battery powered the 60L for the full 18 hours run time promoted. Importantly, under Turbo mode, it came down from 27 degrees to the 3 degrees setting we selected in 10 minutes... amazing!

I’ll be using it on extended fishing trips such as the 9 days down the Daly River fishing the Barra Nationals next April. Normally I would plug the myCOOLMAN fridge into the boat’s battery system during a full day on the water. It would normally be powered by the same batteries that start the engine and run all the other accessories except the electric outboard which has its own independent heavy-duty batteries up the front of the boat. Some days the engine is off for hours while we fish under electric power, so you can imagine a 60L fridge would impact on the engine batteries big time if they are not being charged by the big Evinrude engine. I can see that, by using the PowerPack, that problem will be completely eliminated, and we would just charge it up overnight ready for the next day on the water. How good is that?

As I said, it’s a very useful accessory.

The PowerPack is the perfect accessory to take your myCOOLMAN fridge/freezer out for a BBQ, poolside socialising, fishing with mates, or camping off the beaten track.

A true portable and lightweight power solution in a sleek slimline body, the PowerPack seamlessly attaches to the side of your myCOOLMAN fridge/freezer magnetically, and gets your fridge super cold in no time.


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