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While it isn’t a totally new technique, innovative offshore anglers have also fallen in love with stickbaiting, as not only is it sometimes the only way to draw the interest of ho-hum pelagics, but heaps of exciting visual fun as well. The release of Shimano’s Orca stickbaits last year created, dare we say, quite a splash, and the line-up has been expanded further with the release of smaller 140 and 145mm models. The 140 is a sinker with an interesting free-fall shimmy, while the 145 is a floater. Both cast extremely well and have that deadly, up-and-under sideways ducking motion through the water that drives pelagics wild — from greenback tailor in the washes, to giant trevally over coral bommies and to yellowfin tuna hammering flighty baitfish well offshore. The 140 and 145 are equipped with through-wire construction, custom pelagic-strength rings and trebles, and six highly-reflective and hard-wearing colour schemes. Some replicate popular baitfish species, while others are quite radical in style.


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