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NEW PLATIL MILLENNIUM HOTFIBER 3 – WITH S.F.T. The popular range of Platil Millennium Hotfiber 2 Braid has recently been upgraded to the new Hotfiber 3 formula, featuring S.F.T. S.F.T. stands for Single Fibre Treatment, which is a new process used in the manufacture of the line. This process involves treating the individual fibers of the line, before they are braided together. A second fusion treatment is then applied once the braiding process has been completed, to give an overall outer coating to the braid. This process results in increased strength and durability, with no increase in diameter. It also reduces loss of colour and creates a longer lasting braid. The new Platil Millennium Hotfiber 3, featuring S.F.T. is available now, in the same breaking strains/spool sizes and the same 2 proven colours (Fluoro Yellow & Stealth Green) as the previous range. Keep an eye out for the new-look packaging and enjoy the increased performance and durability of this great braid! REBEL TEENY POP-R The Rebel Teeny Pop-R has become one of Australia’s best selling lures, seemingly overnight. It’s no secret that the reason this tiny popper has recently become an Aussie favourite is because it is right at the centre of the latest craze — whiting on poppers. This little lure measures only five centimetres long and weighs 3.5 grams, however, its secret (and the point that separates it from cheap imitations) lies in the unique internal weighting system that allows long, accurate casts and provides a prawn-like ‘clicking’ sound when tweaked with a rod twitch. The Rebel Teeny Pop-R comes in eight colours, including the super-deadly Clear pattern, and not only are they the ultimate whiting popper, but are also incredibly effective on bream, bass and estuary perch.


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