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EVAIR SANDALS Shimano’s new fishing fashion footwear for 2008 is as eye-catching as it is functional. The new Evair sandals use the same design principles as the award-winning Evair deck boots that were launched last year. These one piece moulded EVA sandals are nice and light to wear, extremely comfortable when on your feet fishing all day, and the soles are non-slip and non-marking, which makes them great or use on boats with teak decks. They are available in sizes 8-13 and a choice of either green or blue.

FIREBLOOD RODS & REELS These top end Fireblood rods and reels cover everything from ultra light estuary up to inshore snapper, and light tackle spinning. Fireblood reels are matched beautifully with the Fireblood rods to create the ultimate combos. With Stella-like construction, the Fire Blood reels are Smooth, Silent, Strong and Reliable, no matter what fishing pressure they are placed under. The 1000FA holds 170 metres of three kilo line, has 10 SA-RB bearings plus one roller bearing, the 2500FA holds 240 metres of four kilo line with a 4.6:1 retrieve, and the 4000FA 260 metres of six kilo and a gear ratio of 5.1:1.The prestigious new single piece Fireblood Rods are made of high modulus graphite, they feature lightweight single foot Fuji guides, new Shimano Fossilwood reel seats, and soft synthetic grips. The butt section uses a split grip to cut down on weight and increase performance. The Spin XL 7’ 2” is designed for one to two kilo line, while the 6’ 9” Spin L is designed for two to four kilo line. The Spin M is a versatile three to six kilo 7’ rod. Each rod also comes with a custom rod tube!

TIRALEJO - PERFORMANCE MEETS DIVERSITY ‘Tiralejo’ in spanish means to ‘throw far’. In anyone’s language, whether you fish from the rocks, beaches, or even big ocean jetties, you’re going to find these rods absolutely fantastic. Tiralejos are something quite unique and will alter forever the way people look at performance casting sticks. With a World Casting Championships pedigree behind them, it’s no wonder.Designed by the Australian rod builder, Ian Miller, the most noticeable feature of the Tiralejo series are the Slide ’N Grip reel seats. This means they can be moved anywhere the angler wants on the butt end of the rod. Additionally, there’s an adjustable internal counterbalance accessed via the butt cap and the grips are a new slim line look that cut down on weight, yet are comfortable to hold onto for long periods. A supplied screw-in sand spike can also be attached to the butt. The blanks are made from Shimano’s exclusive XT300 low resin, high modulus graphite. Tiralejo rods in spin or overhead are available in sizes from nine to thirteen feet, two or three piece depending on the length, and have ‘graphite to graphite’ ferrules.  The ferruling is so beautifully done that it’s hard to believe they’re not one piece rods. The twelve rods in the range cover fishing  styles as diverse as flinging Raiders on ten kilo line into washes, looking for Greenback Tailor and Australian Salmon, to live-baiting with whole choppers for Jewfish and Spaniards. As an added bonus, each rod comes with its own rod tube!


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