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First it was the telephone and then the computer, now mobile refrigeration has become the latest technology to become truly “Unplugged”. WAECO — the world’s leading mobile refrigeration manufacturer — has released the next generation CF-32UP CoolFreeze Unplugged fridge/freezer. Designed specifically for Australian requirements, the CF-32UP can provide up to seventeen hours of refrigeration from a single charge. The secret is the newly developed, energy efficient built-in battery and cooling system. “With the release of the CF-32UP, we will usher in a new era of portable refrigeration”, said Andreas Bischof, Managing Director, WAECO Pacific. “You will be able to enjoy fresh food and cold drinks anywhere you want, without the hassle of power cords and outlets.” The release of the CF-32UP has been met with a chorus of approval from outdoor enthusiasts and retailers alike. “The new WAECO CF-32UP is a major innovation for the outdoors industry”, said Toby Darvall, CEO, Anaconda Australia. “We deal with all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts such as campers, fishermen and trail bike riders, and I can tell you right now they are going be thrilled with this product. With its super-tough polypropylene shell protecting the touch button controls, you will be able to take it anywhere.” The next generation WAECO CF-32UP CoolFreeze Unplugged fridge/freezer is at the forefront of the best-selling, energy-efficient WAECO CoolFreeze product range. Having already established a reputation for manufacturing excellence in the automotive industry, the CF-32UP will further cement the company’s name in the camping, boating and outdoor lifestyle industry. freecall: 1800 21 21 21


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