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NireyKE-3000 Electric Knife Sharpening Machine

SHARPEN UP Dick Eussen is a man who likes a sharp blade. He’s been in hog heaven since he’s started using Nirey electric sharpeners. Nirey has introduced the new KE-3000 Professional Knife Sharpener. It bridges the gap between the domestic KE-198 and the professional KE-280 electric sharpeners. Like the KE-280, the KE-3000 is designed for continuous commercial use. However, typical users are hunters, anglers, chefs, and simply people who like to have sharp knives handy, either in the home kitchen, for work or recreation. The KE-3000 has the same patented cushioning contact system as the KE-280 but has a lighter frame, motor and transmission, though parts are interchangeable. It is less noisy than the 280, but more so than the 198 sharpener. In use, the new machine produced razor sharp, durable and polished knife edges that are a joy to use at home, work or afield. The grinding wheels are available in rough, medium and fine grit and available in models to suit general purpose, high quality, and large general purpose knives. The machine sells for $297.00 plus postage and comes complete with full instructions on knife sharpening procedures and care. Contact Total Knife Care, P.O.Box 258, Ashgrove, Brisbane, QLD 4060. Tel: (07) 3856 4516.   Web:


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