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2011 is the 10th year of operation for Nomad Sportfishing Adventures. As part of the celebration, Nomad Sportfishing has recently announced the launch of Nomad Travel & Outfitters, which offers an exclusive range of hosted international fishing adventures to some of the world’s best fishing locations. Nomad’s Manager, Damon Olsen, explained: “The aim of Nomad Outfitters & Travel is to use our years of experience and our network of top angling contacts from around the globe to take Australian anglers to the world’s best locations for the world’s premier sportfish. We’ve been lucky to meet a lot of experienced anglers over the years and do plenty of fishing ourselves, and we are keen to use this knowledge to help take Aussie anglers on some amazing trips around the world.”

Nomad Sportfishing’s guides will host many of the trips, and each location has been chosen and thoroughly researched by one of the Nomad guides with the goal of attaining the “world’s best” destination for any particular species. You’ll therefore only find trips to a single destination for each species. The trips are aimed at anglers interested in lure casting and fly fishing, which also means that any other type of fishing will be easily accommodated. Trips to these overseas locations are remarkably affordable, with many trips starting at just $3850 plus flights.

There are trips currently running for peacock bass in the Amazon, tarpon in Nicaragua, tigerfish in Zambia and, of course, GTs in the Coral Sea. Soon to be added are trips for dorado in Uruguay, surface casting for kingfish in NZ, black bass in PNG and Cubera snapper in Panama.


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