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Fuel…Check, Oil…Check, Water…Check, Tyres?

Like any good fisherman will tell you, it is all about location, being on the right spot at the right time, and having the right equipment to ensure a successful day.

But before you even get out on the water, there are a few things you need to check before heading down the winding roads, across the corrugated surfaces, to your favorite ramp. Yes, fuel, oil and water are important to, but what about your tyres? When was the last time you stopped and had a good look at them, let alone checked the air pressure?

Right smack bang in the middle of where you’ve been and where you’re going is NT Tyre Service, located on the corner of Berrimah Road and Dennis Court. With an easily accessible yard, it is a convenient location to service trucks, buses, and earthmoving and agricultural equipment. But don’t let the size of the tyres out the front deter you; we also stock a large range of tyres to suit your car and the all-important trailer.

“Well that’s great if you’re in the area” I hear the cries of outrage. Well, as a matter of fact, we are! Our sister store, Nightcliff Tyre Service, is ideally located at 159 Dick Ward Drive, Nightcliff with state-of-the-art machines to fit passenger and recreational tyres while you shop or have coffee and relax in the Nightcliff Shopping Centre.

Can it possibly get any better than this? Well yes it can!

Both stores are official GT Radial & Continental distributors in the Northern Territory, and both stores offer full mechanical and latest technology laser wheel alignment service, for your peace of mind.

We also sell a large range of tubes, batteries, rims, rim accessories, tyre repair kits; in fact, any tyre accessory you can think of, we can source it for you.

Our highly-trained staff can advise you on the purchase and technical fitment of the tyre to suit your style of driving. Whether it is towing a caravan through the great Australian outback, or taking a boat down the sometimes harsh roads to get to that secret fishing spot, our staff has extensively researched the different brands available to fit you with the best tyre to suit your needs.

We are your local Tyre Professionals.


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