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With the recent opening of the Katherine Outback Batteries store (photo on right) , there are now four stores in the NT (Coolalinga, Winnellie and Alice Springs) and one in Toowoomba Qld.

Outback Batteries has a range of key battery brands and products. As the battery experts, it can offer advice on boating and vehicle power requirements or information on the evolving lithium battery technology.

Outback Batteries also supplies Relion Lithium Batteries which offer a safer, more efficient way to meet your energy needs either on land or out on the water. Relion batteries offer 5 times the lifespan at a fraction of the weight of lead acid batteries.

For the last 18 months, I’ve been using two Fullriver 120Ah batteries from Outback Batteries in Coolalinga NT. These heavy-duty powerhorses are used just to run my 80lb thrust electric outboard.

Fullriver Deep-Cycle Batteries are made with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology, making them ideal for non-spill by counteracting the high vibration that can be experienced during boating and towing over heavily-corrugated roads. Designed with thicker plates, these batteries can be discharged and recharged hundreds of times and supply reliable, heavy-duty cycling power to keep all boating accessories motoring.

On a recent photo shoot in Kakadu, we hit the water three days in a row and spent most of the time on electric outboard power. At the end, the motor was going just as strong as it started – after three days – and I didn’t charge Fullriver batteries at all over that time. Just amazing!

Right: Coolalinga Store

Outback Batteries offer:

· Free battery testing

· Free battery charging

· Free battery fitting

· Installs

· Delivery and roadside assist

· Advice


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