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Truma has developed a new generation of instant water heaters that are perfectly balanced to enhance the comfort of RV drivers. Customers whose vehicles are equipped with the Truma AquaGo water heater will have a comfortable water temperature while enjoying an unlimited supply of hot water without the risk of scalding.

Truma AquaGo is the only instant water heater that utilises hybrid technology with a temperature stabiliser. Users can adjust temperatures like at home: when showering, a constant hot water temperature is maintained even after the water is turned off, then back on again – no more scalding.

Thanks to microprocessor-controlled stepless burner management, Truma AquaGo water heater always delivers a constant water temperature, even at high and low flow rates and varying inlet water temperatures. The integrated water diverter eliminates water strains on the vehicle exterior. A reusable filter cartridge reduces scale particulates.

Intuitive operation, like at home.

Simple maintenance with “Easy Drain Lever”.

Can be used even during freezing temperatures.

Technical Details

Energy sources: Propane

Power supply: 12 V DC

Power consumption (at 12 V): 5.9 – 17.6 kW (20,000 – 60,000 BTU/h)

Inlet pressure 2.62 – 3.49 kPa

Outlet pressure: 0.32 – 2.49 kPa


At last, a premium automotive standard, remote operation caravan and motorhome alarm that is both simple to fit and highly effective in operation.

Fitting is simply attaching two wires to a 12v power source. Located in the caravan living area, simply activate the alarm with the supplied wireless remote for shock, movement and impact protection.

Also features a Panic Feature: just press the lock button on the remote for 5 seconds and the siren will sound for 30 seconds and LED will flash.

Supplied with a CODE HOPPING transmitter, each time it is pressed it will randomly transmit a different code. This prevents thieves from using a ‘code grabber’ from copying and re-transmitting the code to disarm the alarm system.

This ultra-high decibel alarm offers the ultimate theft protection for your van along with years of reliable service.


Milenco Solar is the world’s most efficient solar pulse charge system that can save/protect your battery and provide safe long-term maintenance, even if there is no access to an AC supply.

Maintain, charge and desulphate your 12V battery effectively from a standard solar panel by converting low solar power into high current pulses. The OptiMate charge controller is separate to the panel so all processes can be followed easily from the led display.

Maintains battery without the need of an electricity main supply.

Constantly analyses battery status and adjusts Pulse Charge accordingly.

Optimised for long term maintenance on all 12V leisure batteries.

No need for battery removal.

No risk of overheating or overcharging.

Totally safe for vehicle electronics.

Extra length charging lead for roof to battery box connection.

3-year warranty included.

* Optimate specialise in battery care and go deeper into the battery with charging algorithms and programmes.


With ARB’s DVR Reverse Camera Mirror, you’ll have the extra safety and convenience of a reversing camera without the need to clutter your cabin with additional monitors and gadgets.

This handy and compact kit features a 9.66” touch-controlled display discreetly positioned within the rear-view mirror offering the HD view from the 1080p front and rear cameras to help you navigate even the trickiest of manoeuvres – whether it’s backing into a tight parking spot, launching a boat, or hitching a trailer or caravan.

Plus, with the RoadCam app (available for iOS and Android) and Wi-Fi connection, you can view and download captured video files straight to your mobile device!


Long Ranger fuel and water tanks are a safe and simple way to increase your vehicle’s travelling range.

Additional fuel is essential for any 4WD heading off into remote areas. Varying track conditions impact fuel consumption and long distances between refuelling can catch some standard 4WDs short. ARB carries the complete range of Long Ranger auxiliary and replacement fuel tanks, enabling you to manage the extra distance required on long trips.

Specifically engineered for 4WDs.

Designed for maximum ground clearance.

Manufactured from 2mm aluminised steel.

Fuel and water combination tanks available.

Easy to install.


When a vehicle manufacturer designs a 4WD, designs are centered on a mass market that has a variety of uses for that vehicle.

A vehicle’s suspension system is one area that is compromised between the need to carry additional loads while retaining elevated levels of comfort and precise handling characteristics as expected in today’s modern vehicles.

A suspension kit usually refers to replacement shock absorbers/struts and springs, as these are the simplest items to change enabling a vehicle to handle the additional requirements you are placing on it. However, that is not where a suspension kit stops. Depending on the type of suspension design your vehicle has, there are other components that may be complementary to the fitting of the shocks/struts/springs or require replacement as the components wear or the vehicle ages. Some of these components help with maintaining comfort and longevity of other components, such as upper control arms, bushes and top hats. Old Man Emu has you covered for the essential shocks and springs, as well as the complete suspension system including all components needed to lift your 4WD.


The Skycamp 3.0 Mini is the latest compact roof top tent now available at Reidy’s Lures. It’s ideal for anyone with a dual cab ute, a small sedan, or simply wanting to save space on their roof rack.

This versatile model sleeps two, with a signature fold-out extension panel offering plenty of legroom. The design ensures it is simple to set up and take down.

An improved aerodynamic hard shell allows more bedding storage inside the tent. The spacious interior includes a comfortable 9-zone insulated mattress and insulated roof.

Reengineered locking latches make this the most secure hard shell roof top tent without limiting accessibility to the camper. Mounting brackets are included, and the telescoping ladder is integrated into the tent design.

All that remains is a roof rack, bed rack, or load bars to start your next adventure.


The EMS-PT30X & PT50X are the newest line of Portable Surge Protectors put out by Progressive Industries, part of the Navico Group.

Same great compact and easy to use plug-and-play application but now the EMS-PTX’s come with an All Weather Shield Assembly, Rugged Pull Handle, Improved Secure Locking Bracket, Built-in Scrolling Digital Display and a Tough Lexan Housing.

You can feel secure in knowing the computer is driven by state-of-the-art microprocessors. Designed for recreational vehicle use only.

Product Features:

  • Over/under voltage protection

  • Open ground, open neutral & reverse polarity detection and protection

  • Surge failure indicator

  • Current indication

  • Previous error code (PE)

  • A/C frequency protection

  • Time delay (136 seconds)

  • Built-in scrolling digital display

  • Weather resistant /designed for outdoor use

  • 7-days a week customer service

  • Lifetime warranty*

New Features Include:

  • All weather shield assembly

  • Rugged pull handle

  • Security locking bracket

  • Tough Lexan housing

  • Higher rated wire 6 AWG (SSP-50XL models only)


Mastervolt, a part of Navico, is manufacturing three new Lithium-Ion batteries – the MLI Ultra 12/3000, the MLI Ultra 12/6000 and the MLI Ultra 24/6000. These larger-capacity batteries are deep-cycle domestic supply batteries for use onboard marine vessels and in mobile applications to provide more power, over a longer period of time, while taking up less space and weight.

“Today’s boats and recreational vehicles are equipped with an increased number of features – these additional power loads make using traditional lead-acid battery banks nearly impossible to accommodate due to excessive weight and size – the MLI delivers optimal capacity,” said Eric Lindquist, VP and General Manager, Power Systems at Navico Group. “These new MLI models, offer enhanced power storage capacity, in a lighter weight and smaller footprint. The superior performance of the new MLI lineup will help meet the ever-growing demand for power capacity. Mastervolt’s lithium-Ion battery technology offers an innovative solution that is suitable for so many – from racing yachts trying to keep unwanted weight to a minimum, to the camper that wants to stay off grid for as long as possible. Additionally, we believe the MLI series is poised to deliver power solutions to a variety of markets.”

Lithium-Ion batteries are known for their high energy density, offering fast charging, and savings in volume and weight compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. These new models are no exception as they provide 20% more density and 15% more capacity in Amp hours, and a greater battery cycle life as a result, compared to Mastervolt’s previous largest models.

Available in 12 volt for the MLI Ultra 3000 and, both 12 volt and 24 volt for the MLI Ultra 6000, the new additions to Mastervolt’s range offer an unmatched energy-to-weight ratio weighing 20% less than previous models. The MLI Ultra 3000 weighs just 56 pounds and the MLI Ultra 6000 comes in at 103 pounds, making the MLI Ultra 24/6000 Lithium-Ion battery a suitable replacement for two 12/200 Ah lead-acid gel batteries in series to provide 24 volt) – which weigh nearly 300 pounds.

The new Mastervolt MLI Ultra 3000 and MLI Ultra 6000 both have a realistic lifespan of over 3,500 cycles and can safely use up to 80% of their capacity before needing to be recharged, offering five times more energy storage than lead acid batteries, which can only safely use up to 50% of their capacity before needing a charge. The MLI Ultra 3000 and MLI Ultra 6000 can be recharged within 60 minutes.


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