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As the biggest fridge in the myCOOLMAN line-up, The Fisherman 105 litre fridge is a serious cooling machine.

With a huge storage capacity, this fridge provides the ultimate in cooling and is built to last utilising a patented 12/24 volt DC compressor. It’s perfect for family outings or longer and is ready to power your adventure on your next trip, whether it’s storing that perfect catch while out on the water, out in the backyard having a few drinks and a BBQ, camping on a riverbed or blazing a trail through the middle of nowhere.

It provides the versatility to be used every day while remaining compact enough to allow for easy transportation. myCOOLMAN fridges can be fully controlled from the palm of your hand using the super easy myCOOLMAN app on your phone via Bluetooth. Change the temperature and monitor the battery all without relying on a Wi-Fi signal.


The myCOOLMAN portable fridge/freezers includes a range of 7 different models. Within the range there is something for everyone. With great storage capacity, the All Rounder 60 litre fridge is ideal for almost anything! It’s the perfect accessory for your next adventure,  and it’s packed with industry-leading features. This fridge will be at home keeping things cool at the backyard barbecue, powering your adventure into the bush with mates, or feeding the family on that weekend day trip. It truly is an all-rounder for every occasion. Featuring the patented 12/24 volt DC compressor, reversible lid, Bluetooth connectivity and much more, this myCOOLMAN fridge is built to last and can be used day in, day out. The best part is that it is small enough to go anywhere your adventure takes you.


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