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ARB knows the importance of being able to accessorise your vehicle to suit your requirements –and this can come with an additional load.

With the gross vehicle mass upgrades already available, ARB has now invested significantly in an independent testing process. They can now offer an increase in front axle load capacities for a series of the most popular current 4WD models when coupled with an Old Man Emu full suspension package. This validation process has found up to 170kg of increased capacity.

ARB's front axle load upgrades are standard with any full Old Man Emu Nitrocharger or BP-51 Suspension kit and are demonstrated by certification attached to your vehicle's door pillar, owner's manual and customer handover pack.

For customers who currently own these models,and have had Old Man Emu suspension fitted, assessment for compliance is available through their local ARB store.


Secure your load with ARB's updated range of Cargo Straps and Tie-Down System. ARB Cargo Straps now feature rubber moulded handles, reflective printed lashing capacity on the strap and improved hooks to accommodate ARB roof racks. Coming complete with a nylon mesh storage bag to keep your straps tidy and, importantly, fully compliant with AS/NZS requirements.

ARB's Tie-Down System has an anodised, powder-coat black finish to protect from the elements when mounting externally and chamfered ends to protect the vehicle if mounting internally.


Finding a two-kilogram gold nugget is a good thing. Finding it when the gold price is soaring to record highs is even better.

That’s the situation one prospector has found himself in after digging up a beautiful 63-ounce specimen on the outskirts of the famous gold rush town of Ballarat in Central Victoriawith a Minelab GPX4500.The nugget was found about a metre down in old pastureland -below 30cm of wash and about 15cm of very hard clay.

The location was within 150kmof Ballarat with the prospector keeping the specific site a secret for obvious reasons.With gold passing the AU$2,000 per ounce mark, the nugget has a gold value of about $130,000 but collectors are offering a premium for the nugget’s rarity.

Right after his find the prospector bought a top of the range Minelab GPZ 7000 which unearthed a 1928-gram nugget in Western Australia, late 2018.


Brand new to the myCOOLMAN range is ‘The Adventurer’ -an 85Ldual zone portable fridge/freezer.German engineered to meet the demanding Australian conditions, this new Fridge/freezer is ready for your next adventure.With allthe unique myCOOLMAN features from The Ultimate96L, including key features:

  • A multifunctional lid –with a clever clip in design, you canswitch the lid direction to suit your needs with NO tools and stillget that perfect seal to contain the cool and keep your food superfresh,and drinks icy cool.

  • DC Power on both ends –easily plug in your fridge to your car, campervan or caravan ease –no need toawkwardly run your wires and get them potentially pinched in a slide.

  • Bottle Openers –mounted under each handle.

  • Bluetooth –control your fridge directly from the palm of your hand.

  • Flush mounted and spring-loaded handles –saving you precious space so you can get more into the back of the car and more usable literage for your limited space.

Measuring in at 912mm long x 536mm wide x 470mm high, The Adventurer85L is just that bit shorter than The Ultimate96L making it the perfect fridge for the back of the uteor the best accessory forcamper trailer slides where height is an issue.


The Insulated Protection Cover is a stylish and practical way to give your fridge even more protection. Available in sizes to suit the full myCOOLMAN range, the Insulated Protection Cover utilises a highly-efficient insulation system featuring aluminium coated polyester to ensure maximum protection.Featuring the highest level of German engineering, the Insulated Protection Cover is designed tough and made with a rugged nylon exterior and additional rubber matting on the bottom to increase stability. It’s also quick and simple to fit.

Key Features:

  • Provides protection from the outdoor elements.

  • Featuring a highly-efficient insulation system using aluminium coated polyester.

  • Extra Insulation against extreme outdoor temperatures.

  • Rugged nylon exterior with rubber coating on base for stability.Saves battery power andimproves overall efficiency.

  • Stylish and protective, engineered for tough conditions.

  • Open panels for ventilation, controls andconnection plugs.

  • Quick and simple to fit.


Honda’s newest portable generator, the EU22i, is 10% more powerful than its predecessor, whilst remaining just as light and as quiet as before. The key features of the EU22i:

  • A microcomputer-controlled sinewave inverter that guarantees commercial-quality electricity making it ideal for use with frequency-sensitive electrical equipment such as laptops and home computers.

  • For additional power, two Honda inverter generators can be linked in parallel operations with a simple connection cable. The EU22i features an advanced 4-Stroke engine, utilising the commercial grade Honda GXR120 engine, for strong performance and fewer emissions.

  • The handy 'fuel off' feature' allows the unit to idle until the fuel in the fuel lines has been used. This means thatthe generator can be storedsafely without any stale fuel still inside.

  • The EU22i can run up to 8.1* hours of continuous operation on a full fuel tank.

  • It is lightweight (21kg) and whisper-quiet (53dB**).

All Honda products are backed by an industry leading 4 Year Domestic Warranty**** With eco-throttle switched on at 1/4 output.** At 7m.***4-year warranty applied to Domestic use and does not apply to engines sold as separate units.


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