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OUTDOORS ESSENTIALS: Accessorise Your All-Terrain Gold Detecting SDC 2300

The SDC 2300 is a compact high performance mid-range gold detector perfect for chasing down elusive sub-gram nuggets on land and underwater. To further enhance the performance of your Minelab detector, there is an extensive range of accessories available. These accessories are designed to add to your detectors versatility when you need to adapt to various detecting environments. Protect your SDC 2300with a rugged custom-fitted SDC Carry Bag. Keep your coil in top condition for a long and reliable life. Minelab recommend replacing your skidplates before they wear through, so regularly check the condition of your detecting gear. Featured here is the blue 8-inch Skidplate. Expand your audio options with our waterproof SDC 2300 Koss Headphones.


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