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Dometic Australia GreenCare and PowerCare Tabs are designed for the RV, marine and leisure industry. They can be used for all types of mobile toilets to quickly break down waste to facilitate disposal, whilst also preventing the formation of gas and unpleasant odours.

Although keeping your waste tank clean can be a messy chore, the Dometic Care Tabs help make the process quick and easy. Standard sanitation fluids add unnecessary weight onboard, are difficult to measure dosages, susceptible to overusing, waste money and are more susceptible to messy and unsafe chemical spillages. The tabs are 100% user friendly, lightweight, compact and pre-dosed so that a single tab (contained in a soluble film) is all you need for a whole tank fill up to 20 litres. The tabs are ultimately safer, plus save you money, time and space.

If you are seeking to protect the environment whilst taking care of your sanitation needs, then the new Dometic GreenCare Tabs will be the best option. They are composed of more environmentally friendly substances that break down waste and odours just as effectively as other nonenvironmentally friendly products. However, if you are seeking a more heavy duty sanitation tab, then the PowerCare Tabs are the way to go.

The Dometic Care products come in resealable tubs for practical, clean and safe use. Dometic GreenCare and PowerCare Tabs remain effective even in frost, which makes them indispensable for those winter adventure seekers!


Dometic GreenCare and PowerCareTabs Content: 16 tabs per tub and can be purchased in cartons of 12 tubs. For all portable toilets. RRP: $27.95


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