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OUTDOORS ESSENTIALS: Caravan Heating Solutions

Dometic provides a range of caravan heating products: you can have hot water on tap at any time of the day; and stay warm on the coldest day with just the push of a button. Enjoy travelling during all seasons and brave any weather conditions. No matter what type of fuel you are running on Dometic offers Truma and Eberspächer caravan diesel and gas heating systems to suit all your needs. Gas heaters are designed to provide an economical source of heat that runs independent to the engine. Caravan gas heating offers effective and efficient performance thanks to their high level of efficiency and low power consumption. With low exhaust emissions making them kind to the environment, they are also very quiet. Dometic’s range of caravan heating systems also includes combination gas and electric heaters. These heaters can be used in either gas or electric mode or as a mixture of the two, which can reduce your initial start-up and recovery time. In a bush camp you may not always have an electrical power source available, that’s when the diesel fuelled heaters may be the option for you. The caravan diesel heating products also come with a heated towel rail as an optional accessory. You can either choose between a digital controller or the standard rotary controller. To make them even more efficient they are equipped with a winter and summer mode.


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