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The PerfectCharge series also features an intuitive LED control lamp, which provides real-time user feedback and monitoring abilities in charge status, power and battery overheating. These monitoring abilities continue with its accessories: the PerfectControl MPC-01 battery monitoring system further optimises user information by presenting battery voltage, current, temperature, remaining capacity percentage and charge/discharge for each battery in a digital display. With safety in mind, the in-built cooling fan prevents overload and keeps the unit cool, while the PerfectCharge MCA-RC1 provides a multi-coloured LED display and sleep-mode function with the convenience of operating the unit from afar. DOMETIC PerfectCharge battery chargers are not only half the weight of older generation IU charges, but are also progressive in environmental care by leaving a 40% smaller footprint.

The lightweight and ultra-compact DOMETIC PerfectCharge series also offers easy installation in caravans, commercial vehicles, motor homes and boats. With the DOMETIC PerfectCharge battery series, the experience and freedom of the road is uninterrupted and continuous as the charge it provides.


• Six-stage IUOU charging characteristics optimised for charging Wet, Gel AGM and eStore Lithium battery (Dip switch to adjust charging of Victron and Enerdrive LiFePo4 batteries). • Almost half the weight of old series IU charger with 40% smaller footprint. • Charging method configured through the dip switches at the rear of charger. • Ultra-compact design – easy to install and light weight. • The MCA1225 and MCA1235 Perfect Charge units provide up to three charging outputs for simultaneous charging for several batteries – up to two house batteries + one starter battery. • Sleep-mode function for quiet charging with half the charge power (stops fan) • Advanced battery management system: basic On/Off remote switch and Hella battery sensor available as accessories. • Hella battery sensor to optimise charging level and collect data for optimising the charging process (voltage, current, state of charge and battery temperature).

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