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Modern vehicles place high loads on batteries; electric windows, air conditioning, auto start etc. These inclusions negatively impact batteries and the electrical system by depressing the system voltage, the result is the entire electrical system and components such as starter motors and alternators struggle on reduced voltage and current, causing overheating and premature failure.

Megapulse Green Energy reduces the battery internal resistance which keeps the electrical system working at maximum voltage. The desulfation process rejuvenates batteries by reversing lead sulphate accumulation from the battery plates. Megapulse Green Energy induces 5300 tuned pulses of energy per second into the battery in varying amplitude, in direct response to the internal resistance of the battery. These pulses target crystallised lead sulphate particles, re-energising them & returning them to active material where they can once again create energy.

Megapulse Green Energy is suitable for all types and variants of Lead-Acid batteries including : Gel, AGM, Flooded, Auxiliary, Traction, Calcium, Hybrid, Antimony etc. When sulfation is left untreated, it reduces battery capacity, increases electrical resistance, reduces the operating voltage, and causes premature electrical component and battery failure.

Megapulse Green Energy has been tested and evaluated by leading institutions and companies including CSIRO, Unitech Energy, Volvo, Scania and Mercedes.


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