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PA: AANT Roadside Assist

When the stars align, the tide is right and it's the weekend, the last thing you need is a flat battery or mechanical issue. Which is why more than 20,000 Territorians depend on AANT to keep them out of trouble on some of Australia's most remote roads. “She'll be right mate,” doesn't cut the mustard when travelling in the Territory. The stakes are even higher if you tow a boat or caravan. At AANT, stories ranging from the foolhardy to plain bad luck are commonplace. Whatever the cause of your problem, AANT's roadside service team is there to save the day, something it does more than 17,000 times a year. Instance the fishing trip to Dundee Beach earlier this year that could have been a disaster for a dad and his two young kids on Fogg Bay Road. Good old dad might have forgotten about the boat trailer wheel bearings, but he was well covered with Roadside Assist, so AANT recovered the boat and trailer and brought it back to the depot, while the family was able to continue on to Dundee and enjoy the weekend. There are many examples of Roadside Assist helping people out. Over Easter, one of our Premium members was coming back from Perth when a flat tyre in Broome put her off the road for three days. We picked up the tab for her accommodation while she waited for a tyre to be sent up from Port Hedland. And back in January, a RACV member moving up from Melbourne was in the bad books when he ran out of fuel near Katherine. Judging by the look on his wife's face, the motorist would've been happier if it were total engine failure. However, his wife cheered up when we had them back on the road in under an hour, and transferred their RACV membership to AANT at no extra cost. Over 20,000 Territorians depend on AANT to keep them out of trouble on some of Australia's most remote roads. The organisation offers significant savings on car and 4WD batteries. Long periods of disuse, hot weather and heat under the hood can accelerate battery deterioration. Before you head down the track or out onto the harbour, pop the hood and check your battery terminals and water levels. For peace of mind, it helps to start with one of our extra heavy duty, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) 4WD batteries, either maintenance accessible or maintenance-free. All AANT branded 4WD batteries carry a full, two-year nationwide warranty. AANT also offers deep cycle and marine batteries. The risk of being stranded in a croc-infested waterway is the stuff of nightmares; an unpalatable scenario for everyone, except the crocs. There are more than 100,000 saltwater crocodiles across the Top End, so boating anglers should not be complacent about their boat batteries. The risk of being stranded in a croc-infested waterway is the stuff of nightmares; an unpalatable scenario for everyone except the crocs. So, play it safe with an AANT marine starting or marine cycling battery, or deep cycle batteries designed to withstand the rigours of long, deep discharges and long, slow recharges. AANT is committed to saving members money. To that end, AANT has partnered with QBE Insurance to offer discount insurance tailored to Territory conditions, including cyclones. When you're away for the weekend, your home is vulnerable, as is your car when you're out on the water. The only answer is to follow the Boy Scouts motto: be prepared. As well as car and home insurance, AANT offers boat, motorcycle, caravan and trailer insurances. Members receive up to 10 per cent off their first policy, and if they bundle their insurances, members can save another 10 per cent. And with AANT you can keep all your insurance under one roof. The “My Portfolio” feature allows members to access their account with a single login to retrieve quotes, vary insurance, and change or update details. At AANT headquarters at the corner of Knuckey St and the Smith St Mall in Darwin is the Territory's best range of travel goods, entertainment for kids, maps and camping guides from UBD and HEMA, all discounted for members. Members can go online to access discount Thrifty Car Rental or Apollo Motorhome Holiday rental, as well as discount prices through Experience Oz for pre-purchased tours and attractions in Australia and New Zealand, including Dreamworld, Movie World, Sea World, Australia Zoo and many others. Since 1963, AANT has been looking out for Territorians. For some, our roads represent daily commutes or the long distances associated with living and working in remote areas. For others, the same roads represent freedom and the adventure of a lifetime. Whether you are an old timer, new driver or visitor to the Territory, AANT has your best interests at heart. Wherever you are, AANT Roadside Assistance will reach you; AANT insurance will protect your property; and your AANT card and AANT/United Fuel card will save you money. Join the Territory's biggest club today.


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