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Penn Reels


Penn’s all new, International Torque reels offer anglers superior drag settings and high speed retrieve with fewer moving parts in what is a dramatic shift away from traditional reel designs. Torque reels are lightweight, seriously strong yet offer unbelievable cranking power advantage under heavy loads with no detrimental affect on reel performance. The reels feature the one-piece right side plate with a new patent that removes the bridge and 9 other parts. There are three sizes and the largest, the TRQ 300, is capable of handling drags in excess of 20kg.

Torque equals rotation times force (T=R x F), or put that another way — cranking power. To achieve cranking power you need super high drag capabilities and gears that don’t bind under load. The International Torque reels overcome these problems with an all-new patented design concept called Integrated Side Plate (ISP), which all but eliminates the influence of load on cranking power. This means that anglers don’t have to be built like Sumo wrestlers to handle heavyweight bruisers.

Integrated Side Plate integrates right side plate components into one rigid assembly. Crank up the drag and the machined side plate absorbs any load you can dish out, all without causing any binding to the main and pinion gear. Gears, pinions, and handle maintain perfect alignment — no matter how heavy the load. Penn International Torque reels are constructed from lightweight and strong Aluminum Alloy and feature forged and machined frame, spool and side plates. All the reels come with an oversize infinite anti-reverse roller bearing plus a super strong, stainless steel double dog system backup. Gears on the Torque reels consist of a precision-machined stainless steel main gear (6.3:1 ratio), which on the TRQ300 means a massive 49 inches of line recovered for every turn of the handle. As well, the pinion gear is stainless steel, heat-treated for strength. There are four stainless steel ball bearings; stainless steel reel stand and the units are housed in a one-piece, open-top frame.

Torque reels feature Versa-drag with multiple drag-stack arrangement and a disengaging pinion that allows for superior free spool capability. Winding is made easier by an oversized soft-grip power handle.

There are three models in the Torque range:

ModelLine Capacity YDS/LB METRES/MM#BBGear RatioWeightTRQ100Mono 450/12 Braid 550/305+16.3:116ozTRQ200Mono 450/16 Braid 450/505+16.3:120ozTRQ300Mono 360/30 Braid 360/805+16.3:129oz


Penn engineers have come up with a unique worm-drive reel, custom designed and built for braid specialists. The Penn Affinity reels are the smoothest performing threadline reels ever built by Penn offering even line laying under all conditions. Finished in gunmetal silver, and trimmed in gold, these reels are available in three sizes, 1000, 3000 and 4000.

Features of the Penn Affinity include eight stainless steel ball bearings, and a worm-drive slow oscillation system that is ideal for braid lines. The bail arm is one-piece, braid friendly stainless steel, while the ball bearing, line roller is nitrided for reduced friction and positive line pick up. Other features include infinite anti-reverse via a one-way clutch and full metal, ‘Tuff Body’ construction.

The Affinity spools are large and V-shaped with 0 degree taper for longer casts and better line control. Drag knob is waterproof, and the drag surface area is large for reels of this size, offering silky smooth performance under the hottest of runs. The reels also come with a one-touch, folding handle and non-slip rubber grips.

DETAILS GEAR RATIO: 5.1:1LINE CAPACITY:1000 140yds / 6lb 3000 220yds / 8lb 4000 220yds / 12lb


For as long as most anglers can remember, Penn’s range of Spinfisher threadline reels have been a byword for their toughness and reliability under pressure. The good news for anglers is that the Spinfishers just got better. Penn Reels has released four new upgraded Spinfishers with a range of enhancements that improve performance and durability.

In keeping with Penn tradition, the new Spinfisher SSm threadlines are built tough to last. The reels are constructed to exacting standards to enable them to provide unsurpassed performance in harsh, saltwater
 environments. There are four new models in the Spinfisher SSm range: 650SSm, 750SSm, 850SSm and 950SSm. Incorporating enhancements and upgrades proven on the smaller Spinfisher reels last year, the new metal-bodied Spinfisher Reels (SSm) have many new features including a one way clutch bearing for infinite anti-reverse.

Other major features on the Spinfishers include a sealed drag knob and a big, single disc HT100 disc drag. The rotor is “Techno-Balanced” and there is a new level line system designed for braid lines complete with dual ball bearing bail line roller and fail free bail spring. The full metal body reel features a new gearing design including a stainless steel main shaft; five stainless steel ball bearings and an infinite anti reverse roller bearing. The machined handle is corrosion resistant and gold anodised.

MODELLINE CAPGEARINGWGT650SSm250yds/15lb4.7:1680g750SSm250yds/20lb4.6:1740g850SSm250yds/25lb4.6:1765g950SSm300yds/30lb4.2:1TBA


Anglers who buy one of the exciting new Penn Spinfisher SSM threadline reels now have the opportunity to match the reel to a purpose-designed rod. Penn’s all new Spinfisher series of rods are built to suit Penn Spinfisher reels from the medium 650 through to the heavyweight 950. The combination Spinfisher rod and reel offers a balanced outfit that is a superb casting and fish-fighting tool.

The premium range Spinfisher rods incorporate the most advanced rod building technology available. Moreover, like the reels they are designed for, these rods are built tough to last. Every Spinfisher rod incorporates an outer layer of E-glass fibres, genuine Fuji guides and reel seat and integrated clear tip. The rods feature a tasteful, hand bound, gold diamond wrap and gold trims on black thread overlay on the guides.

The 650 rod is 2.1 metres long, designed for 5-8 kg breaking strain line cast and offers a light to medium action, making it ideal for casting unweighted pilchards or light lures. The 750 is 2.1 m, suits 8-10 kg lines and has a medium action. The 650 and 750 combos offer all round versatility in that you are as comfortable fishing big snapper with unweighted baits, as you are casting poppers or surface minnows to trevally or saltwater barramundi.

The 850 Spinfisher rod is also 2.1 m long but has a faster taper and more low down grunt and suits 10-15 kg lines. In the heavyweight division, the 950 Spinfisher comes in at 2 m in length and is built extra heavy for 12-20 kg lines, the sort of outfit you would use when working 15-24 kg braids for small marlin and tuna.

MODELLENGTHLINE CLASSACTION6502.10m5-8kgLt/Med7502.10m8-10kgMedium8502.10m10-15kgHeavy9502m12-20kgX-Heavy


The line that has taken the American market by storm, Sufix Performance Braid, is now available in Australia. In the US, Performance Braid has had such an impact on the US market that Sufix experienced a massive 45 per cent surge in market share!

Sufix Performance Braid, with exclusive Y6 Digital Braiding Technology, has been rigorously tested and proven under the most tortuous Australian conditions. The new braid, available in green or hi-vis yellow, is one of the best-performed braids ever produced, with super strength and extreme sensitivity, yet lays superbly for pinpoint casting accuracy. The braid doesn’t flatten on the reel when wound on under pressure and because it maintains its profile, anglers are able to achieve better performance when casting, both in terms of control and distance.

The line handles beautifully in all fishing situations, for all species, with all tackle. In fact, this soft, supple line delivers what many threadline users have been missing – the small diameter, superior strength and durability of braid on spinning tackle. Performance Braid suits saltwater and freshwater for applications including spinning, bait casting, trolling and bottom fishing.

When trolling, the fine diameter of Performance Braid allows you to run lures deeper and gives better lure contact and feel when bottom bumping in snags and brush piles. Anglers fishing in strong currents have found they are able to reduce their sinker weights by about 40 per cent less than if monofilament were used. Performance Braid is an excellent choice for top water, lure fishing as it floats and lack of stretch means enhanced lure contact. Power Braid allows you to use smaller reels and cast further. The fine diameter means less spool diameter is lost so the retrieve rate is higher than if a monofilament line was used.

Whether you are fishing from a jetty in saltwater or by a freshwater lake, structure poses a constant threat to fishing line. Fortunately, Sufix Performance Braid answers with a tough, durable finish that withstands snags that can damage ordinary lines.

Product review by Steve Cooper


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