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Battery chargers are facing special challenges when used in camping and marine applications. Their job is to charge the leisure batteries as quickly and completely as possible, while at the same time battery power is constantly drawn for lights and other electric consumers.

Due to their specific charging characteristics, WAECO automatic chargers are able to handle the situation just fine. Suitable for starter and leisure batteries, they provide fast and gentle charging and guarantee a long battery life. Premium quality, maximum user comfort and perfect design are the hallmarks of the new high-performance WAECO automatic chargers, which are available in several output ratings. Whilst the IU152A will charge up to two batteries, the IU252A will charge up to three batteries all at once.

The charging converter DC 08 is designed to give the leisure battery a perfect charge while you are driving and is also ideal to use with the WAECO RAPS36 Battery, straight into your cigarette lighter, or into your RAPS12R-U2 if you have one of those.

For additional automatic battery chargers, check out PerfectCharge W6 and W8 which complete WAECO’s charging technology range.


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