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Plano has been a part of Australia’s fishing scene for six decades, and the company continues to develop innovative storage concepts that are of benefit to all serious anglers, whether they fish bait or lure, inland or salt water.

Plano is a giant when it comes to manufacturing plastic tackle storage boxes. This is as it should be considering the company has been in production for more than 60 years.

Writing from experience, 30 years is a long time to be using the same tackle box. But it’s not unusual if that tackle box happens to be manufactured by Plano. And here’s the amazing thing: storage trays manufactured today will fit neatly into the slots of that 30-year-old, much weathered tackle box.

For as long as I can remember, Plano tackle boxes have been lauded for their durability and sensible application for purpose. And yet the company hasn’t sat back on its laurels. Plano is an innovative company, one that is always to go the next step to produce products that leave opposition manufacturers trailing in their wake.

This innovation goes beyond the efficient ergonomics of design. Without making too fine a point, perhaps Plano’s most startling innovation is the Rustrictor Series, which uses a corrosion inhibitor rust-proof protection agent impregnated into the plastic materials Plano uses in its StowAways construction.

Rust proofing hooks, split rings, and lures in general is one of the greatest modern tackle innovations. Designed in partnership with industry leader Armor Protective Packaging, Rustrictor Stows surround tackle with 360 degrees of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI).

Plano claims these tackle boxes fight back at rust and corrosion five times longer than the competition to keep your prized lures looking like new. As the advertisement shows: when it comes to lures on the water, there is a major difference between beaten-up and eaten-up.

Having a tackle storage system that keeps damaging rust at bay until returning to base where tackle can be flushed with freshwater, and dried before storage, is a definite advantage. Longer term, VCI will continue to work while gear is stowed between fishing trips.

The good news is that Plano’s Rustrictor StowAways retain the versatility of the original StowAways, with dividers that may be used to configure the storage compartments as you prefer. The Rustrictor Stowaways are available in six popular sizes: 3500, 3600, 3700, 3700 Thin, 3700 Deep and Terminal 455, all of which are compatible with the existing range of Plano tackle boxes and bags. The distinctive bright red latches denote the Rustrictor range so there can be no confusion between storage compartments that are fighting against corrosion versus the standard models.

Plano extended the use of VCI into the innovative Edge range of tackle boxes. The Edge range offers both general purpose utility tackle boxes as well as lure-specific storage solutions that feature the exclusive Rustrictor material, Dri-Lok watertight seals and a distinctive bright yellow, one handed latch design.

When it comes to storing tackle, whether that tackle is lures, lines, rods, reels or accessories, Plano has a solution.

Below: Each Rusticator Stowaway is entirely infused with VCI rust prevention and works without dividers.

Rustrictor 350

Rustrictor 360

Rustrictor 370


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