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Plano Goes Extreme Plano Molding Co., the leading manufacturer of outdoor storage products, has gone to the extreme introducing its impressive new line of three Extreme Guide Series Cases, new for 2008.

There’s one thing you soon learn if you spend a bit of time messing about in boats — that’s how quickly even the tiniest bit of water can start damaging your expensive accessories, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, binoculars, MP3 players, GPS units and the like.

Add to that the need to store valuables like wallets and car keys, and the requirements for secure storage on the water become even more apparent. As many anglers who have watched something important plummet into the depths will know, slipping them into a pocket just doesn’t cut it.

Even if you don’t drop your valuables overboard, a good soaking with salty spray or even rain is just as permanent a death sentence for many items. Protecting your valuables with waterproof, crushproof and lockable storage is not just useful out on the water though — there are plenty of other outdoors and travel situations where secure storage is invaluable.

The Extreme Guide Series Cases are also ideal for 4WD and camping enthusiasts, hunters, hikers or travellers.

Extreme Guide Series Cases provide unmatched protection for valuable accessories. Manufactured of durable polycarbonate featuring a protective TPR lining, you know your valuables will travel safe. Airtight and lockable, all three Extreme Guide Series Cases feature a patent pending latch to accommodate pressure release upon opening.

There are three different models in the range, all featuring the same sturdy, waterproof and crushproof design.

The 1425 Extreme Guide Series Case features a wrist strap and is available with a yellow TPR lining that provides secure, protected storage for wallets, compact cameras, keys, cell phones and other small accessories. It measures 19 x 14 x 6cm.

The 1430 Extreme Guide Series Case features an orange TPR lining that provides secure protected storage for MP3 players, GPS units and other medium sized accessories.  It measures 22 x 17 x 8cm. The 1435 Extreme Guide Series Case has a convenient built in handle and features a black TPR lining that provides secure protected storage for cameras, compact binoculars and other larger accessories. It measures 25 x 19 x 10cm. KEY FEATURES • Strong poly-carbonate structure• TPR lining provides secure protected storage• Lockable • Patent pending latch with pressure release • Waterproof and crushproof For more information on the Plano range visit


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