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Without a doubt, fishing in the tropics can be tough on both anglers and equipment. With heat and high humidity a constant companion when north of the Tropic of Capricorn, anglers need to ensure that their terminal tackle is well maintained and in the best condition possible when that trophy fish smashes their lure. Warm moist conditions are a sure-fire recipe for rust or oxidisation to occur. This means that items like rusted treble hooks, corroded swivels and vulnerable, hand-honed hook points blunted by corrosion are an angler’s worst nightmare. It’s often those small details that may be the difference to hooking that fish of a lifetime or missing the strike due to a dull hook point.

Plano’s innovative Rustrictor Series brings unbeatable rust-proof protection to the StowAway line of utility boxes. Designed in partnership with industry leader Armor Protective Packaging, Rustrictor StowAway tackle trays surround tackle with 360 degrees of Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI). In effect, this innovative corrosion inhibitor is impregnated into the plastic material that Plano uses in the StowAways construction, hence the interior of each storage compartment is covered from all angles by this corrosion deterrent. VCI ions diffuse from the divider walls, filling each compartment and in turn are attracted to metal surfaces and creating a blanket of corrosion protection on the metal surfaces. Because the entire tray material is infused with VCI, rust prevention works without any dividers in the box as well.

From the perspective of northern barra fishers, and other lure users, who often carry an inordinate amount of artificial baits, many of which are retro fitted with expensive, top-quality treble hooks, maintaining the array of hook points in first-class shape is of paramount importance. Within the course of a day, or longer excursions, many lures may be utilised then returned to its storage compartment whilst another is deployed. Having tackle storage that keeps damaging rust at bay until returning to base where used tackle can be flushed with freshwater and dried before storage is a definite advantage. Longer term, VCI will continue to work while gear is stowed between fishing trips.

As many have found out to their dismay, one rusty hook can infect others that it comes in contact with - in the tropics, that can happen rapidly and, once started, will fester until intervention. Corroded hooks left to their own devices will crumble and stain both tackle trays and the painted finish applied to lure bodies, diminishing their effectiveness. Likewise, in the words made famous by musician Neil Young: “Rust never sleeps”.

Of course, Plano’s Rustrictor StowAways retain the versatility of the original StowAways with dividers that may be used to set the storage compartments up as you prefer. The Rustrictor StowAways are available in 6 popular sizes: 3500, 3600, 3700, 3700 Thin, 3700 Deep and Terminal 455, all of which are compatible with the existing range of Plano tackle boxes and bags. The distinctive bright red latches denote the Rustrictor range so there can be no confusion between storage compartments that are fighting against corrosion versus the standard models. Plano claims that these tackle boxes fight back at rust and corrosion five times longer* than the competition.

Plano has also extended the use of this new VCI into its recently released and innovative Edge range of tackle boxes. The Edge range offers both general purpose utility tackle boxes as well as lure-specific storage solutions that feature the exclusive Rustrictor material, Dri-Lok watertight seals and a distinctive bright yellow, one-handed latch design. Be sure to check these out together with the Rustrictor Stowaway range at your local tackle store and on the JM Gillies website.


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