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Plano Storage

It’s Just Plano Magic

Over half of a century ago, Plano changed the way tackle was stored and protected. Since then, it has continued to revolutionise the way that top anglers and average fishermen alike have kept their tackle in good condition. Check out some of the latest great Plano products.

Plano 3258 FlipSider Hybrid Satchel

For the second year in a row, a Plano Flipsider system was named “Best Tackle Storage System” at the annual Australian Fishing Tackle Show held on the Gold Coast. The 3258 FlipSider Hybrid Satchel has the flexibility of a bag and the organisational ease of a box, making it another true hybrid. The satchel uses patented technology with four rows of four Flipsider compartments. These sixteen 13.5 cm deep compartments are secure behind a sturdy Duraview door. The large interior includes three 2-3500 series Pro-Latch utility boxes and one 3543 Waterproof Spinnerbait StowAway. The EVA foam exterior and self-sealing waterproof zippers make the Flipsider systems unique in the world of tackle storage. Attractively coloured in burnt orange, the 3258 Flipsider Hybrid Satchel is 45 cm long, 20 cm wide and 32 cm high.

Plano 7603 Flipsider Tray Box

Also introduced at the tackle trade show was the Plano 7603 Flipsider Tray Box. The 7603 is a sturdy, classic tray box with one beneficial twist: it provides innovative external lure access in a Flipsider format. With 15 compartments spacious enough for two lures each, the new 7603 box provides instant access to your favourite lures. Internally, the 7603 comes with three extra-deep trays with added bulk storage. Coloured in copper and silver, the 7603 is 43 cm long, 26 cm wide and 20 cm high.

Plano 6233 3-tray box

For anglers seeking a truly big tray box, the new Plano 6233 3-tray box is the biggest 3-tray ever released on the Australian tackle market. At 24% larger than Plano’s 6133, this is no ordinary tray box. It has superior lure, and line capacity in three extra large trays, and enormous bulk storage to fit reels, accessories, terminal tackle, digital camera and just about anything else you need to take on a fishing trip. The 6233’s monstrous size is an impressive 50 cm in length, 26 cm in width and 25 cm in height. It also includes removable dividers for enhanced storage capabilities, whilst the custom-molded handle makes it a cinch to carry.

Plano 1373 Rack System

Most anglers heading out for a day’s fishing prefer to limit themselves to one tackle box, but they still want to take as much tackle as they possibly can. In that situation, Plano’s new 1373 Rack System is definitely worth considering. It boasts three 3700 Pro-Latch Stowaway utility boxes, features spacious bulk storage and a sturdy cattle-guard front door. The 3-By Rack System provides 3 times the storage, 3 times the versatility and 3 times the value.

Measuring 40 cm x 29 cm x 35 cm, this system will carry everything you need and store items easily. The Plano 1373 features a large bulk storage area which is perfect for extra line, reels, tools, camera and much more.

New Plano Guide Series Fly Boxes

Plano Tackle Systems is rightly proud following the addition of three new Fly Boxes to its successful Guide Series collection. The 3282 Small, 3283 Medium and 3284 Large Fly Boxes have passed rigorous field testing with flying colours. They offer an imminently-suitable way to store, organise and easily transport your flies. Each fly box is made of sturdy EVA foam exterior and has large non-corrosive zippers. Talk about handy; each has a handy belt clip on the back. There’s no losing these boxes: they are lightweight, virtually indestructible, and float for easy retrieval. Inside you’ll find high quality foam in both the lid and the base to double the fly storage capacity.

Plano’s new Guide Series Fly Boxes each comes in classy Guide Series green. The 3282 Small Fly Box measures 14 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm, perfect for trout fishermen. The 3283 Medium Fly Box measures 18 cm x 12 cm x 6 cm, and will prove useful both on the trout streams and tropical rivers. The 3284 Large Fly Box measures a whopping 22 cm x 15 cm x 6 cm. Even sailfish flies will fit into a box that size.


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