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When we saw this at the Australian Fishing Tackle Show, first thoughts were: How come no one has thought of this before? We have cordless toothbrushes, cordless screwdrivers, even cordless line strippers, so surely a cordless fish scaler has been long overdue.

The Platinum Scaler-Mate comes complete with charging kit, removable scaler and a protective shield which also catches many of the scales before they get flung all over the place. We’ve watched a dvd of the cordless scaler in action, and clearly it does a terrific job quickly. It is easy to clean, has an ergonomic handle and will operate up to 90 minutes continuous use. Also available are a battery post adapter and a cigarette lighter adapter.

I can see one great use already: scaling barra wings. Most of us know that the sweetest parts of a fish are the wings. But with barra, for example, you can’t skin them and they’re a pain in the butt to scale thoroughly…so we tend to discard them. I can’t wait to try the Scaler-Mate on the next pair of barra wings I score.

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