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PE braids normally float... not usually a problem, but when fishing with light or unweighted lures or bait, it's hard to get into the strike zone and stay there. Platypus Sinking Braid has been designed to address this problem.Platypus Sinking Braid is braided using gelspun polyethylene fibre blended with the addition of denser high tenacity fibres — near zero stretch so you feel every bite, tap or bump providing sensitivity and depth control that no other line can match.Platypus Sinking-Braid engineered slow sink to get light or unweighted lures or bait into the strikezone fast and keeps them there, with nothing to inhibit a natural presentation. A reduced line belly between rod tip and hook ensure more positive hook sets. Also available are Platypus Jigging Braid and Platypus Super Braid, so there’s a Platypus braid for any application.


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