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PRODUCT AWARENESS: Biggest Mozzies No Challenge For Aussie Repellent RID

As any fisherman knows, you’re at the mozzies’ mercy whilst wetting a line.

RID Australia, new owners of the Aussie-made-and-owned RID Medicated Insect Repellent, put its products to the ultimate test to prove its effectiveness in one of the world’s renowned locations for insects: the mighty Amazon jungle.

In a world first, RID ran a national campaign to find its Aussie hero to take this Aussie product on a five-day trek into the depths of the Amazon jungle whilst wearing only a pair of DTs.

Sean England, winner of the RID Amazon DT Challenge, hails from Port Hedland in the Pilbara and knows exactly what it’s like to live in the heat and humidity where mozzies and insects are a daily problem.

Sean went deep into the primitive and remote Peruvian region of the Amazon rainforest and would do what most of us would be hesitant to even try.

He fished for piranha on dusk whilst painted blue to attract mosquitoes and proved the only thing that was biting were the piranha. He willingly provided an open invitation to half the Amazon insect population to take up residence in his humble abode for the night but still to no avail. He was even tested RID underwater whilst swimming in the Amazon rivers.

“Being half naked wearing just my DTs, I couldn’t believe how well the product worked. The mozzies over there are the biggest I’ve ever seen and I wasn’t even bitten, despite all my efforts to get bitten,” Sean said.

Sean pushed himself to the limit, often challenging his own fears going through daily challenges from early morning til late at night. If you ask Sean, he’ll tell you that RID really does work and there’s no other repellent he would use or himself and his young family.

RID Medicated Insect Repellent offers a full range from Tropical Strength, Antiseptic Plus with Chamomile and Vitamin E to the pleasant-smelling Low Irritant and KIDs range for sensitive skins. All RID products are medicated with antiseptic to assist in the prevention of infection for application as a before-and-after bite medication.


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