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Straight from customer feedback to reality, the 589 Sea Master is born and bred from Stacer’s ability to listen to exactly what a customer wants and make the dream come true. Now Stacer’s runabout range has six models to choose from: 429, 449, 469, 499, 519 and 589. Adelaide’s Sports Marine, the Stacer dealer that was the voice of the customer, said this particular boatie asked for a good open fishing boat that is able to handle offshore conditions; a boat that will fish 75% of the time and cruise the remaining time. One of the most popular styles Stacer offers, the 589 Sea Master, is now the biggest model. Boasting a massive 2.35m beam and a whopping 5.96m length, this boat is extremely roomy.

Inside the 589 Sea Master is also noticeably larger with a cockpit space that measures 2.3m from the back of the helm chairs to the transom and 1.8m of internal beam from the inside of the port and starboard rolled side decks – a whopping 2.8 cubic metres of cockpit volume. To make it the ultimate offshore runabout, the 589 Sea Master has 0.67m of freeboard making it safer while offshore and has a transom that is fit for an XL outboard engine shaft. Designed by boaties for boaties, the comfortable helm and dash area make it easy to control the vessel. To make it more comfortable for the captain and navigator to sit or stand, there is a drop-down floor in front of the seat positions.

The 589 Sea Master is equipped with the softriding Revolution Hull as well as comfortable rear lounge and Maritime Seats as standard. The most popular options to make this fishing boat even better are a transom door for dragging in a big catch and an electric drum winch for easy anchoring. “That’s the neat thing,” said Cameron Wood, National Account Manager for Stacer. “This boat can be used basically anywhere in Australia. It makes sense in offshore or inshore situations and is built to handle Australia’s coastal conditions.” “I’ll tell you what was impressive was how well it cornered,” said Cameron. “The boat stayed level and stable while making a turn at full throttle without any porpoising.”

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