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CONGRATULATIONS FROM LOWRANCE AND THE ARNHEMLAND BARRAMUNDI NATURE LODGE Congratulations to Bronwyn Toft from Virginia, Northern Territory. Bronwyn was one of many thousands who entered the Lowrance competition to win a trip for two to the Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge valued at over $20,000. Bronwyn didn't believe the news at first, but plans to treat her husband to the trip of a life time. ABOUT NAVICO Navico is currently the world’s largest marine electronics company, and is the parent company to leading marine electronics brands: Lowrance, Simrad and B&G. Navico has approximately 1,500 employees globally and distribution in more than 100 countries worldwide.


Lowrance has released the new SpotlightScan&trade Sonar trolling-motor transducer. Delivering a new level of angler-controlled, surround-scanning underwater views, the new sonar solution provides picture-like images of key fishing areas on compatible HDS Gen2* or HDS Gen2 Touch fishfinder/chartplotter displays (Picture left shows the Spotlightscan underwater slice).Similar to the way a scanning spotlight reveals objects in the dark, SpotlightScan Sonar clearly pinpoints structure and fish targets ahead and around your boat without disturbing key areas before you fish them

The SpotlightScan Sonar trolling-motor transducer operates at a frequency of 455/800 kHz with a maximum surround- scanning range of 150 feet. Designed to provide the best possible view both around and beneath your boat, the SpotlightScan Sonar transducer also features DownScan Imaging™ and Broadband Sounder™ technology. DownScan Imaging (455/800 kHz) offers easy-to-understand images of fish and structure, and award-winning Broadband Sounder (83/200 kHz) technology is ideal for marking fish arches and tracking lure action. The SpotlightScan transducer is quickly installed by attaching it to any bow-mounted, cable-steer, foot-control trolling motor**. Twin scanning beams provide lightning-fast refresh rates, and beam indicators or “spokes” are visible on the HDS Gen2 display to guide adjustments on rotation or scanning speeds for the best possible underwater image. Protected by a one-year limited warranty and the Lowrance Advantage Service program, SpotlightScan Sonar can be purchased for AUD$699 from authorised Lowrance dealers and distributors beginning in January 2014. *HDS Gen2 (non Touch) models require the SonarHub™ module for compatibility with the SpotlightScan Sonar transducer. **SpotlightScan Sonar installation requires connectivity to a bow-mounted, cable-steer, foot- control trolling motor. Not for use with hand-steer or electric-steer electric trolling motors.


Insight Genesis™ — the personal map-generation tool for Lowrance, Simrad NS and B&G Zeus chartplotters —  has a new single-tier, low-cost annual subscription featuring the most popular features of this premium map-making service. Insight Genesis enables users to create maps from their own sonar logs to capture the personal detail and contours for their favourite boating and fishing areas. Replacing the one-time download and multi-tiered subscription structure that ranged up to USD$299 per year, the new Insight Genesis subscription offers customers access to the service’s full feature set for a reduced annual fee of USD$99. Insight Genesis continues to provide free features including uploads for up to two hours of sonar logs for online viewing of maps that depict contours and depth soundings with shading, as well as automatic tidal adjustments. The new annual subscription allows customers to upload up to four hours of sonar logs as well as view charts online or save maps to an SD card for use on as many as four compatible Lowrance Elite HDI, HDS*, Simrad NS Series and B&G Zeus multifunction displays. Additional Insight Genesis subscription features provide the ability to adjust contour intervals; merge multiple uploads; overlay bottom hardness and vegetation outline layers; analyse changes over multiple recordings with trend-analysis; securely store sonar logs, maps and a boaters’ critical trip and waypoint data online — accessible from any internet-connected device; and the option to keep recorded sonar data private or to share selected trips with the Insight Genesis community.

LOWRANCE AND SIMRAD YACHTING INTRODUCE SONARHUB™ SOUNDER The New All-in-One Solution Combines StructureScan® HD and CHIRP Sonar. Lowrance and Simrad Yachting’s SonarHub is ideal for marking fish and tracking lure action, and can provide easy-to-understand, picture-like views of structure and bottom detail. Adding StructureScan® HD and CHIRP sonar technology to compatible Lowrance HDS and Simrad NS multifunction fishfinder/chartplotter displays, the SonarHub performance module is a plug-and-play network solution that makes it easier than ever to identify productive fishing areas. Offering a powerful performance advantage in any situation, the new module’s Frequency Sweeping Pulse Compression technology – known as CHIRP sonar — provides high-definition detail to depths of 3,500 feet; while its StructureScan HD functionality gives boaters picture-like displays for more productive fishing, diving, and search and recovery operations. An exclusive combination of DownScan Imaging™ technology and side-scan imaging, StructureScan HD includes an enhanced transducer design that features three dedicated signals for side-scanning range and resolution, and crisp, clear views directly beneath a boat for a stunning presentation that separates and clearly exposes fish targets from surrounding structure. CHIRP provides anglers with digitally purified, crystal-clear images of individual fish markings and clear separation of fish from other targets, structure, thermoclines and the bottom. When paired with an AIRMAR™ 150 transducer, the CHIRP sonar has extremely efficient pulse generation that provides improved target resolution and noise rejection, as well as wide coverage for perfect arches that clearly identify fish targets. Plug-and-play compatibility with the Lowrance HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch fishfinder/chartplotter models, as well as Simrad NSS Sport, NSE Expert and NSO Offshore multifunction displays, SonarHub has three built-in Ethernet ports that allow quick and convenient networking without the need for an addtional Ethernet networking module. The sounder is compatible with a range of transducers including the AIRMAR™ 150 single-channel CHIRP transducer and existing StructureScan HD transducers. The module is also compatible with the all-new SpotlightScan&trade Sonar* surround-scanning trolling-motor transducer that pinpoints structure and fish targets ahead and around the boat without disturbing areas before you have a chance to fish them. The SonarHub Sounder is protected by a two-year limited warranty, and backed by the Lowrance and Simrad Advantage Service Programs. RRP: AUD$799

Note: SpotlightScan Sonar trolling-motor transducer is only compatible with Lowrance HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch displays. The addition of a SonarHub Sounder module is required for SpotlightScan Sonar operation with HDS Gen2 non-Touch models. or


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