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PRODUCT AWARENESS: GoFree: Navico Goes Mobile

Navico has launched its newest brand, GoFree. The GoFree brand covers all of the cloud-enabled content and services that will be delivered by the digital division and its partners.

These GoFree products and services will be accessible across the Lowrance, B&G and Simrad brands, using Multifunction Displays (MFDs), mobile devices and personal computers The initial offering from GoFree will include the ability to:

• Receive automatic software updates directly to multifunction displays/ chartplotters.

• Download the latest charts from Insight, Jeppesen C-MAP, as well as other third parties directly to the boat from the GoFree Shop.

• Download a variety of apps to enhance your boating experiences.

• With Insight Genesis TM, upload sonar logs and download personal and Social Map maps directly from marine displays.

• View and control multifunction display/ chartplotter screens on smartphones and tablets.

• Utilise dedicated marine apps from mobile devices.

• Define secure user access for ultimate safety.

• Connect remotely to view boat location and history.

ON THE WATER With the introduction of the GoFree brand –the GoFree Shop will be launched within the User Interface of Lowrance, Simrad and B&G MFDs. GoFree Shop provides the ability to download the latest software and purchase maps directly to an MFD via Wi-Fi, while enjoying a day on the water.

GoFree Shop enables boaters to access content for compatible Lowrance, Simrad and B&G branded displays by allowing purchase, direct download and immediate use of Insight maps, Insight Genesis (including Social Map), and other 3rd party maps from GoFree partners. GoFree Shop also guarantees users are always running the most up-to-date operating system with all of the latest and greatest features on an MFD by providing automatic software update notifications, direct download and installation. GoFree Shop also allows registered Insight Genesis users to upload sonar logs to the Insight Genesis online service directly from an MFD for personal chart creation and Social Map community data sharing.

Available in early 2015, GoFree Shop for compatible MFDs and navigation systems will require a one-time, free, software update and a GoFree WiFi-1 wireless gateway with access to a Wi-Fi hotspot or mobile tethered link. GoFree Shop will be available for Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch, Simrad NSS Evo2, Simrad NSO Evo2 and B&G Zeus2 series displays.

ON THE WEB In addition to the introduction of GoFree Shop on the MFD’s, the new GoFree Shop website will be launched which will support GoFree-branded content giving customers the choice of downloading charts and software from the comfort of home. A fast and ultra- convenient resource for discovering and downloading content, the GoFree Shop website will provide instant access to the largest collection of marine maps. The ever-expanding online store allows users to browse, purchase and download content for a compatible Lowrance, Simrad and B&G-branded navigational device via memory card or USB flash drive.

For more information on GoFree, the GoFree Shop, the GoFree App please contact 1300 NAVICO in Australia.


Simrad Yachting announced recently the release of the IS35 digital instrument display. Designed to automatically display real-time data from NMEA2000 compatible engines and sensors, the Simrad IS35 provides boaters with at-a- glance access to critical information about their vessel.

A powerful instrument for engine monitoring, fuel management and dynamic data display, the Simrad IS35 offers quick access to prioritised active data on a series of intuitive layouts. Pre- programed pages include engine data display, a dedicated cruising instrument, fuel economy with instantaneous fuel flow, fuel used and fuel remaining. Boaters can also view motor steer with real-time navigation information such as waypoint position, time to destination, current speed and RPMs, as well as depth history with current and historic depth readings and water temperature. The user-configurable IS35 can also be easily customised with multiple layout options and built-in templates.

Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico said: “The IS35 is the perfect complement to any helm, with its sleek design and bright, clear display. Offering an easy engine monitoring solution, our new instrument package is a must-have for any power boater.”

Easy to install, the Simrad IS35 automatically detects available sensors on an NMEA2000 network and displays the most relevant information on the appropriate pre-defined page. An intuitive user interface and simple menu, left/right arrow and enter buttons allow boaters to quickly navigate all device functions. Built with a bright, 3.5-inch, full-colour, 240 x 360 LED-backlit screen, the IS35 is easy to see in full sunlight and during night operation. Its low-profile design fits standard gauge holes and supports rear mounting to complement flush mount glass dash helms. For more information on the Simrad IS35, or the entire line of Simrad marine electronics, please visit


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