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PRODUCT AWARENESS: Outback and Beyond


Outback & Beyond Camper Trailer Hire is a family business that was born from the love of the Australian Outback.

Taking one of the affordable Camper Trailers will not only give you a home away from home, but it will also help you to experience firsthand just exactly what the pristine Outback has to offer with minimal cost and comfort. The opportunities available are up to you: whether it be a quiet weekend just out of Darwin in Kakadu, Litchfield or another of our great Australian Outback camps. Anywhere you drive your car or 4WD, you can take the camper trailer. They are small and compact, easy to tow and have all the features to make your camping trip comfortable.

The Challenge camper trailers for hire range from the basic Light Off Road Desert Seeker to the Full Off Road Outback. Outback & Beyond Camper Trailer Hire can also supply everything you need, such as a deluxe kit (camping gear), showers, toilets, generators, stretcher beds and even an air conditioner... everything you need for a holiday including the kitchen sink!

The Australian-made campers can travel Australia-wide but must be picked up and returned in Darwin.

Outback & Beyond Camper Trailer Hire is also the Darwin sale agent for Challenger and Cavalier campers. For more information: 08 8983 3317


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